Colorsport 30 Day Brow Tint – Get the Perfect Brows!

In an article I was once described as ‘having brows that were on fleek before it was even a thing,’ which I’m obviously adding in this post as a humble brag as I do love that compliment. As soon as I was old enough to draw my eyebrows on, I have. A couple years ago I actually took 70% of them completely off because it was easier for my halloween looks and I had no idea how to block them out properly and unnoticeably back then. Stupid, I know. I can’t say I’ve had perfect brows for years, even though the article did suggest that. In fact I think they’ve been better than they are now in the past, but that’s simply because the natural looking, gradient brow just isn’t for me. Whether I’ve been on a shoot or it’s just Alfie or my Mum taking photos of me for the blog, a stronger brow looks better on me, otherwise with being so pale I just look bald and as if I’ve forgot to draw on the front of my brow. One day I’ll master it, but I love a stronger, more pin up looking brow and in order to perfect them they have to be properly groomed.

There’s nothing I love more than having dyed eyebrows, especially now I work from home and don’t wear makeup most days. I naturally have really light brown hair and it really shows in my eyebrows, but I’ve been trying out the Colorsport 30 Day Brow Tint, which is a semi-permanent tint for your eyebrows that last for up to 30 days and it’s flipping fantastic. I’ve tried ones in the past that if you follow the instructions, there’s very little colour payout and instead you have to try again that many times you stain your skin. Thankfully, I wear a heavy foundation! Using the Colorsport dye means that your eyebrows appear darker, healthier looking as they appear thicker and fuller, as well as more defined in less than 2-3 minutes.

Colorsport 30 Day Brow Tint Colorsport 30 Day Brow Tint
I did have to repeat the process a couple times but only because I actually had some blonde (possibly grey but we shall never speak of this again) hairs in my eyebrows which when I flattened them down with balm (simply for fun) it actually looked like I had a bald patch!? I wish I had taken a photo during my messing around as it was quite concerning, but it was just the lightest hairs I’ve ever known on me in a difficult spot, but after a couple layers of Colorsport, they’re covered!

With dyes it’s always important to follow the instructions, especially when it’s for somewhere so close to your eyes. I normally have tissues and baby wipes on hand to swipe away any rouge dye. The full instructions are as follows….

  • Cleanse your eyebrows with a non-oily cleanser in order to remove any make-up and natural oils and ensure that they’re dry. The website warns that contact lens wearers should remove their lenses.
  • Use some sort of balm or vaseline to protect the skin around your eyebrows from dye, but don’t get any on your brows or the dye won’t take.
  • Mix around 1cm of the Dye Cream into the mixing bowl and add 10 small drops of the Developer Lotion, be warned, these aren’t normal drops as the lotion isn’t a water or a runnier liquid like with some other dyes, so basically make the portions equal.
  •  Mix them together using the wand and make it so the mixture doesn’t drip, otherwise you’ll be dyeing more than your brows.
  • Using the wand or the brush apply the mixture to your brows. I actually find it better to use the wand, cake it on to start with in a very neat formation and then later brush through another coat.
  • Leave for up to 2 minutes, longer if your hairs are stubborn but it does warn to leave it no more than 5 minutes.
  • Using damp cotton wool, remove the mixture and then wash your face thoroughly.

That’s it, blows on fleek with or without being filled in! I’m SO happy with mine and I’m definitely going to keep a box of this in the house and keep them up, I just look more framed without makeup which actually makes me like being makeup-free even more!



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  • I did my first ever brow tint last night and LOVED IT. I am a massive convert now!

    Sophie x

  • Im loving dying/tinting my own brows at the moment, this kit definitely sounds like one i would try.
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

  • This is such a good idea for make up free days, and of course you are the queen of brows (that complement is amazing btw, I’d put it on your CV!)