Color Wow – The BEST Shampoo for Red Hair

It exists and I have actually found it – the best shampoo for dyed red hair is actually from Colour Wow! You know Color Wow? The root touch up advert which has just about been on every channel now, well it turns out they actually have a massive array of products that are quite incredible. If you’ve been with my red haired journey for a while now, it’s been quite the ride. With having already tested Wella, more Wella, Chill*, Various Superdrug Products, there’s been some pretty good shampoos, well at least that’s what I thought. Looking at them, they come across as quite average now as Color Wow has really changed my life.
Color Wow - The BEST Shampoo for Red Hair
As lovely as my new and ever so social life is, it’s also a lot of effort with red hair. Too many washes throughout the week and I know I’ll have to dye it again before the weekend to obtain it’s full vibrancy. That isn’t the case anymore. Tried and tested with a before photo, the deep, dark but vibrant red that my hair looks like every single time I dye it (with Crazy Colour Vermillion Red), and after is a whole two weeks of washing it every couple days with Colour Wow Color Security Shampoo – For All Color-Treated Hair (£16.50 for 250ml) and their Color Security Conditioner – Normal to Thick Hair at the same price.
When you do have red hair and add water, the colour obviously runs a lot and even more so when you use a regular shampoo. With Color Wow, my hands are a light and pale orange rather than bloody and messy. My bath water isn’t the deep dark red from every single strand being stripped of colour and my bathroom isn’t as much of a state – I mean my parents might argue on that last one but….
Color Wow - The BEST Shampoo for Red Hair, georgina grogan, red hair
Obviously with red hair, roots will still be an issue and although Color Wow is pretty close, it’s not a miracle, so if I want to stay fresh, top ups are still essential but a lot less frequent. Therefore, making life a lot less red and an awful lot easier. The shampoo and conditioner contain no SLSs which means it doesn’t form as easily with water, however, don’t be tempted to add half a bottle, just work it in more and add a little water if needed. The SLSs in shampoos is actually what strips the colour from foaming so much. The same goes for the conditioner, it won’t feel as soft and ridiculously silky because there isn’t anything bad coating your hair. Don’t worry, you’re still getting the same effect, just grab a brush suitable for wet hair and work it through.
I was also sent a One Minute Transformation Styling Cream (£16.50 for 120ml) and Speed Dry – Blow Dry Spray (£16.50 for 150ml) which I absolutely adore. How I am only just being introduced to these sprays is absolutely crazy, they are such little time saviours. If ever I wake up late but need to wash my hair, I don’t have to worry! 15 minutes tops and my mane is as good as new, just be careful not to overspray in places as it doesn’t work too well and the product builds up. I must have been tired that morning. The styling cream works by applying it to wet hair and using your blow dryer to style your hair. I don’t often wear my straight but when I do, this really helps to give it a sleek look.
*Pr samples that have changed my life