Collectif Size 22s, Which Styles are True to Size?

This is both a happy and sad post, which sounds an odd way to describe a fashion post but as most of you know Collectif only stock up to a size 22. I am now a 22. Do you see where this is heading? Tissues ready. I can now only fit in some size 22 designs at Collectif thanks to chronic pain and weight gain. However, I can now be the handy person that can tell you what styles accommodate a proper size 22 and which don’t, silver lining I’d say! I’m a little late to this season but if you’re a straight size reader these styles are still in stock and if not, you’ll have some pretty good tips on sizing for the next styles or if there’s a restock.

Vintage Nina Brocade Velvet Rose Swing Dress – £96 now £46

Actual love heart eyes when I saw this dress in person, it is beyond beautiful and everything I look for in a dress. The underlay isn’t ridiculously small and I only really had an issue with the underlay on a slight squish of my boobs, which is undetectable on photos and could be fixed with a different bra/no bra. The overlay is utter perfection, it’s so elegant looking and a perfect 22, no tight arms at all which really surprised me. I’d definitely get another dress in this style and just deal with my boobs (which for reference are a 38GG.)

Fabric: 97% Polyester 35% Spandex. Overlay: 100% Nylon.

Collectif Nina Brocade Velvet Rose Swing Dress Collectif Nina Brocade Velvet Rose Swing Dress

Mainline Trixie Atomic Star Doll Dress – £56 now £28

I did say some styles fit and this one is a fine example, in fact, I found that there was a little too much spare space on the bust! I’m so made up with this dress and I’ve worn it out so much already. It’s SO stretchy, comfy, and stylish. With a full skirt, elbow length sleeves and a sweetheart neckline, it was meant to be. Don’t worry about the photos, I have since found a bra that works so much better with this design and works to combat the extra space on the bust too. I’m super impressed with this one and I already cannot wait to wear it again.

Fabric: 79% Viscose 18% Nylon 3% Spandex

collectif Mainline Trixie Atomic Star Doll Dress collectif Mainline Trixie Atomic Star Doll Dress

Vintage Ashleeta Sheer Swing Dress – £42.5o now £21.25

I so wanted this to be perfect on me as I could have seen myself living in it. It’s just so perfect for anyone who loves dresses, you could transform outfits with the Ashleeta but it just wasn’t meant to be. Even though most 22 waistlines are normally too big for me, this one was too small by a good couple inches. Hidden in the photos so you can see the effect the dress is meant to give. It just doesn’t work to wear it undone due to the style. Obviously with is being nylon it doesn’t stretch at all and it’s not meant to. I’m so devastated about this one but not as much as…..

collectif Vintage Ashleeta Sheer Swing Dress

Gina Leopard Fur Trim Coat – sold out

TEARS COULD HAVE STREAMED DOWN MY FACE when I tried this on about 3 seconds after it arrived. I’ve only seen two Collectif coats in person and I couldn’t stop staring at them so I was obviously over the moon to finally own one. If Collectif went up to around a size 26 then it would have fit and we would have been amazing together. I would have done everything in this coat but it was indeed, far too small. The arms may look roomy on the photo but the underlay inside was almost cutting off my circulation just to get photos. It is indeed one of the most beautiful coats I have ever seen but unless Collectif extend their sizes, we will never be. There’s no front view of this coat because it looked like a shrug. Oh well, you win some and you lose some.

collectif Gina Leopard Fur Trim Coat

I have a Collectif sale order on the way and no doubt I’ll be showing those off soon!


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  • I hate that with most coats you always have to go up a few more sizes for a decent fit on the arms on bust, why can’t they just be made the same size as other clothes instead of lying?

    Mel ★

  • Nikee Rayner

    This post perfectly voices how I feel about Collectif’s sizing:( How can I have such a perfect fit in certain items, yet not be able to fasten others?! The coats especially upset me, as there’s ALWAYS the bigger sizes left in the sales, but we all know that their 22 is really a 20, and a non-busty one at that. WHHYYYY COLLECTIF?!! xxxxx