Cloud Nine Magical Duet – Reduce Hair Drying Time by 50%!

When you have thick hair, you laugh at anything that claims it can have your hair dried faster. Oh really? So I don’t have to spend half an hour getting this humongous, fluffy thing dry before spending an hour curling it? I thought to myself whilst agreeing to review Cloud Nine Magical Duet, but I have literally been stunned by the result and completely ate my words, as they say anyway.
Cloud Nine Magical Duet, Reduce Hair Drying Time by 50%!
The Cloud Nine Magical Duet set contains a heat protector and UV Filter for £16.90, which seems a little pricey, until you release how long they last. I have been using these for a couple weeks now and it has cut my getting ready time down dramatically. It’s the ‘latest innovation’ from Cloud Nine to combine the Magical Potion and brand new Magical Remedy together.


Cloud Nine Magical Duet, Reduce Hair Drying Time by 50%!
Cloud Nine Magical Duet, Reduce Hair Drying Time by 50%!
The Magical Potion is the product which reduces your drying time down by an average of 50% by just spraying it on damp hair. Although, it doesn’t work when you let your hair dry naturally, which I expected, but it would be amazing if it did. Instead, I suspect it is activated by heat and it really does reduce the drying time down dramatically. I have ridiculously thick hair and I never thought I would find a miracle like this. Below you can see my soaking wet curly hair turn into fluffy dry locks in around 10 minutes when it usually takes 20 minutes or more. The formula does leave your hair feeling a tiny bit dry, which is why I think the duo has been put together.


The Magical Remedy is great for helping the colour of your hair stay longer, it also adds moisture, shine an smooths the hair. Perfect to use just after you’ve dried your hair or before. I put this on before I dry my hair and it makes it look and feel so amazing and my curls look better than ever.
At £16.90 I cannot recommend it more, if you have thick hair and can’t stand the drying time, you really do need the Magical Duet set in your life.
*PR Sample that will devastate me when it runs out. 99.9% chance that I will buy a full size bottle afterwards.