Cloud 9 Skin Solutions’ New Range

After first seeing Cloud 9 Skin Solutions and immediately being impressed with their online presence (I’m into that kind of thing) I’ve wanted to know everything there is about them. With an already beautiful selection of products, I was over the moon to work with them on several occasions, but even more so when their new collection came in. As if they couldn’t get any better, Cloud 9 Skin Solution now do indeed have a solution to all skin problems that you could ever think of. My skin has absolutely been loving trying these products out, so much so that I’ve constantly been raving about them. 
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A little goes along way with all of these new products which is hard to get used to at first, but just a thin layer applied daily will give miraculous results. I can’t say I have a favourite with Cloud 9 Skin Solutions’ new collection as I love them all equally, so in no order at all…..

This vibrant pink cream helps to relax irritated skin and smooth out any dryness. It can be used on the body and feels like a luxurious moisturising cream that helps promote the elasticity of the skin and improves the texture dramatically. It is perfect for Eczema, Psoriasis or even Dermatitis.
I have been using this on my lumpy arms and  have noticed that they feel a lot softer despite the odd bump not wanting to move.
It combines the amazing moisturising qualities of Avocado oil and Vitamin B12 yet it sinks into the skin beautifully. 

cloud 9 skin solutions, scar treatment, dry skin, spot gel, giveaway, shemightbeloved

Maybe I lied about having a favourite product…for years now I’ve wanted a scar reducing product that actually works. As you can imagine my search hasn’t been too successful so I was beyond words to have the chance to try this amazing product out. Cloud 9’s Skin Rehab not only helps to reduce the appearance of scars that are old or new, but it also helps to prevent new scars from forming. At that point I thought that this scar minimising cream couldn’t get any better, but it also reduces redness and itching that comes with new scars.
This bright yellow formula using St John’s Wort and extracts of Onion to reduce and raised skin whilst Yarrow and Calendula help promote the healing process and to numb the pain. There’s also Arnica inside with helps with any bruising as well as the elasticity of the skin.
As scars aren’t the easiest to remove, it is advised that you start using the cream whilst a wound is healing for best results.
I have been using the cream pretty much everywhere and have noticed a reduce in scars, it’s become one of the key products in my everyday routine and definitely something that I would recommend to anyone looking for a scar removal cream that works.

Finally, the beautiful spot gel that can even help combat whiteheads, blackheads and any sort of red blemishes. It works by using chamomile that helps to soften and promote healing softly and more naturally. It’s definitely recommend for anyone who has an odd spot, or acne prone skin.
It forms into a gel like peel which is better applied at night or mixed in with a moisturiser. I’ve loved using this as a mini mask at night and sleeping in it, or if I’m having a lazy day, I’ll top it up.

cloud 9 skin solutions, scar treatment, dry skin, spot gel, giveaway, shemightbeloved

Now it’s your chance to try out Cloud 9 Skin Solutions amazing products! I already have a giveaway on for 3 people to win a Cellulite Treatment cream, but now there’s chance for one lucky winner to pick three products of their choice. They can even be all of the same product if you wish!
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Good luck!

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