Cloud 9 Skin Solutions Body Makeover Cellulite Treatment

With Summer fast approaching, and some days feeling like it’s already here, everyone seems to go into panic mode to get their ‘body’ ready for summer. I personally like to exfoliate even more just in case I feel like a more sheer cardigan (I never get my arms/skin out). One main concern for women of all sizes is Cellulite (Not sure what Cellulite is? Check out this Understanding Cellulite post). At one point or another it unfortunately affects us all. Sometimes it’s just a tiny amount, and other times it takes over. With so many cellulite creams and treatments on the market, it’s hard to know who to trust and how much to spend. Recently, I was contacted by Cloud 9 Skin Solutions to try out their Body Makeover – Cellulite Treatment. Their website has a gorgeous sleek look to it which already made me want to try their products. Immediately we got talking and the lovely Armen was also kind enough to give me a couple products to use in my giveaway for my Fabulous First Birthday!
Cloud 9 Skin Solutions
My thighs have always been my biggest (literally) problem area, which means cellulite has taken over my skin so I wasn’t holding my breath for this to work, however I was pleasantly surprised. Cloud 9 Skin Solutions’ Body Makeover – Cellulite Treatment* is a clear gel that is meant to be applied morning and night after the bath/shower. For the best results you are meant to massage in circular motions for around 15 minutes. I only ever managed around 5. There’s meant to be noticeable improvements 2 weeks in, I’m around 4-5 weeks in now and I’ve polished off the entire bottle. I was using a little more due to the area size and that I’m over the top anyway. When trying anything like this, it’s important to read the bottle properly, which I didn’t. I did notice a tingling and heating sensation as well as red skin, to which I immediately panicked. However, on enquiring and opening my eyes, I found out that it’s actually the Ivy having a thermogenic reaction and completely normal. It increases the blow flow to that area, which tightens it, so the redder the better in my opinion, after all, it does completely disappear minutes later.


Cloud 9 Skin Solutions


It was initially designed to reduce the appearance of ‘orange peel’ skin and therefore is a fast absorbing gel with no residue. I was also shocked to find out that this is completely free of Sulfates, Parabens and everything artificial. In fact, Cloud 9 Body Makeover Anti Cellulite Cream Active Ingredients are Caffeine, which is amazing at tightening the skin and even reducing water retention, Ivy Extract, and Gotu Kola extract, which improves elasticity and helps to thicken skin. It also has Horse Chestnut Seed Extract, this gives the skin a healthy glow and is an anti-inflammatory. As well as Grape Seed Oil/ Grape Leaf Extract and finally Vitamin E which is only used in small quantities to improve the texture of the skin. I love nothing more than a natural product, and as you can imagine, it’s only cruelty free! So, by now you’re probably wondering did it work? Well, I can firmly confirm that it HAS indeed tightened the area and minimised the amount of cellulite. I definitely think it would be fantastic for someone who only has a tiny bit of cellulite, however for myself, I feel that I’d definitely need another bottle at least before I would ever imagine getting my legs out. But for now, they’re noticeably sooner and it’s been a lovely little confidence boost for myself!