Cloud 9 Skin Solutions are now in Space NK and Feel Unique!

Cloud 9 Skin Solutions are one of the very first brands to work with me and continue to keep in touch and support me along my journey, they supported my first blogging event and now, I want to show them off as their journey has just hit a a really huge moment….they’re now being stocked in SpaceNK Stores and online at Feel Unique! When you love a brands ethics, the story behind them, and obviously most importantly, their products, it’s amazing to see them doing so well. But enough of the soppiness, this post is actually an update on their formulas and the questions to all the skincare questions that you all sent for Skincare Special Teresa Tarmey!


Cloud 9 Skin Solutions are now in Space NK and Feel Unique!
Cloud 9 Skin Solutions are now in Space NK and Feel Unique!
Firstly, the product have only changed slightly since I first used them, but they’ve definitely imprived to utter perfection. One product that stands out for me is Nature’s Miracle. It’s the perfect product for anyone who may suffer with tired and sore legs, and let’s face it, we all have days where we over do it and our legs may feel tired, heavy and sore. I remember this product in its first form as a varicose veins treatment and wrote it off as I didn’t need it, but I soon find myself piling on the cream and reaping the benefits. It’s even amazing for pregnant women to use with achy legs and it can still be used on varicose veins too. It works by reducing inflammation by soothing the skin and the legs as a whole, relieving swelling and pain.
So, on to the questions!
‪A Mum Reviews‪ How can I best treat adult hormonal breakouts topically?
Teresa – It’s tricky to make a recommendation without seeing your skin first hand. The obvious recommendation is to have a great spot treatment to hand for breakouts, I recommend Clarity from Cloud 9 Skin Solutions. Keeping the skin hydrated helps to reduce swelling and puffiness. Gentle exfoliation twice a week will remove dead skin which holds the toxins. I would also recommend less makeup, if you can help it, along with using oil free products/makeup.
‪Tracy – Can using the wrong skincare for your skin type cause worse problems for your skin?
T – Absolutely, no one product fits all so if you are using something that doesn’t suit your skin for whatever reason it can certainly cause other problems.
‪Jemma – What’s the worst/most common thing people do which is BAD for their skin?
T – I’d say the worse thing that people do to their skin is expose it to the sun without wearing sufficient sunscreen.
‪Amy – Why does stress make your skin break out and can it be prevented?
T – Stress doesn’t necessarily cause spots/acne but it can certainly make the condition worse. When stressed, the hormone cortisol is released that can stimulate the hair follicle/sebaceous gland to produce more oil
‪Ange – What do you see the skincare products of the future containing?
T – I see the products becoming much more advanced scientifically, as even now products and ingredients are changing on a daily basis. But I also believe there will be more demand for a focus on natural ingredients.
‪Sarah – What products are the best to use for smooth, spot free skin, when you have dry, sensitive skin but are also prone to spots & blemishes because of oily skin?smile emoticon
T – It’s really hard to say what products would suit a certain “skin type” without seeing the person involved and I don’t think any decent brand can guarantee it will do all of the above for you. A good beauty therapist will be able to advise a combination of products that work for your skin and specifically your skin type. For my clients suffering from dry skin, I am a huge advocate of Tranquility from Cloud 9 Skin Solutions, which I find works on so many levels and I have never had any issues. Regarding striving for spot free skin, I always advocate a great diet, plenty of water and a reliable spot treatment for those break outs.
‪Charlene – Is ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ products always better for the skin? If so why are they better?
T – Organic or natural products aren’t always the answer in my opinion. The reason being is that for example, essential oils which are natural can be very sensitive in certain skin types, including myself.
‪Jessica – my skin is so thin and sensitive, what is the best routine to keep my skin in tip top condition?
T – The best approach to treating thin skin is to first diagnosing exactly why it is thinning in the first place. Of course, the biggest culprit is age, but there are other big reasons. For example long-term use of certain medications containing steroids may cause the skin to become thinner over time. There are also inflammatory skin diseases that could cause the condition, as well as thin skin brought about by long-term exposure to the sun. The best way to treat thin skin is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. For example, you might change your diet and skin care routine habits to encourage healthy skin through a sufficient intake of nutrients and hydration. A good diet should consist of natural, nutrient-rich foods and keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water. Also, avoid the harmful UV rays from the sun as much as possible, as it cannot be overstated how much sun damage can contribute to thin skin over time. If you must venture outdoors, apply a liberal amount of sunscreen with an SPF of no less than 15. Invest in a good moisturiser and serum – look closely at the ingredients of your products, and search for those with zinc, vitamin C, and collagen, as these may stimulate collagen production.
‪Tallie – It it possible to get rid of wrinkles with any of these miracle creams, oils or potions. Can I ask two but the second one not be counted in the competition. The second is is it possible to reduce stretch marks that are white with any cream etc. If I’m not allowed the second question I will edit my comment. Good luck ladies
T – There is no miracle product for wrinkles I am afraid. What many moisturisers and products can do is improve the texture of the skin, softening fine lines and wrinkles. There are lots of scar creams on the market, but I haven’t come across one that I would recommend myself, just yet, but watch this space.
‪Kylie – Do you use your own products or swear by another?
T – There are so so many products on the market but I do have a handful of products and brands that I prefer to use, one of them being Cloud 9 Skin Solutions. What I tend to do is totally mix them up in treatments and mix the brands to suit the individual.
‪Kätie – I would ask…..How can you prevent skin problems from occurring? Spots/dry and Flaking skin
T – Sometimes spots aren’t always about products, makeup etc. it can be down to lifestyle. Keeping your skin hydrated, wasting a healthy and balanced diet and getting plenty of sleep is always a good start. Water is my number one tip for all concerns.
‪Sarah – If moisturiser didn’t exist…what would you use instead?
T -If there were no such thing as a moisturiser I would use pure coconut oil.
‪Jemma – How do you prevent old?! I don’t want to get old 
T – I wish there was a miracle cream out there to stop the ageing process but unfortunately I believe it won’t ever exist. My personal advice is to look after your skin as much as possible by keeping out if the sun/wear a high SPF, drink plenty of water, eat well, eat food that are night in antioxidants and get plenty of sleep.
‪Kimberley – What alternatives to retinol and AHA / BHA can you suggest that help with hyper pigmentation marks?
T – One has to be extremely careful when dealing with hyper-pigmentation. If the reason for the pigment is hormonal then certain treatments such as laser can make the problem worse if not done with caution. Often if it is caused by the sun it can be very easy to treat with laser, peels or fractional radio frequency.
‪Briana – What is your best skin care advice for someone with dry skin and eczema?
T – The best advice for dry skin/eczema would certainly be the Tranquilty cream – it’s made such a different to my clients and I’m getting extremely good results. LED is also a good alternative treatment.
‪Natalie – I really really want to know how to stop nervous acne and blackheads. I never had them as a teenager, always had perfect skin and now, 4 years after having my daughter, have gradually developed an almost chronic condition.
Dual answer with
‪Cat – My skin seems to get worse with age. What kind of care regime should I have no that I’ve turned 30?
T – The best advice I can give without actually seeing your skin would be to keep it as clean as possible, drink lots of water to flush out any toxins. I’d recommend Minerals Makeup to try and rule out the makeup (if you wear it) clogging your pores. Also try using oil free products as personally oil clogs my skin.
‪Angel – How can I have dry skin yet it breaks out constantly?
T – Getting spots or breakouts doesn’t always come with oily skin. Mine personally gets dry and can break out too. Make sure you are drinking enough water and eating the right foods that contain good fats to help nourish the skin. Be mindful not to confuse dry with dehydrated as some products that help the spots, dehydrate the skin.
@WishHopeDreams best way to protect fair skin from sun but stay moisturised too?
T – Using a high SPF with a good moisture base and reapplying thought the day. Also keep hydrated with water. I try to advise my clients to wear a hat for the fair skin types
@TweetingCharlee Is it best to use moisturisers, serums or oils to help dry skin?
T – Personally I prefer to use a serum at night and my cream in the day. If you have dry skin you could layer the cream over the serum for extra moisture.
‏‪@HaileyBAnderson whats the difference between high end skin care and High st skin care other than price?
T – Price certainly doesn’t matter when spending money on skin care. We’d like to think that spending more money would give you a better quality and do more. It’s not to say that certain ones can and will do more but depending on the product, it’s not necessarily the case. Sometimes it’s about finding the right product for you and your budget, if a cheap one does the trick then stick with it, I would say.
‪@Forever_A_Conee How can you properly identify your skin type?
T – It can be a minefield. I would advise you book a 121 with a beauty therapist and discuss your eating and sleeping habits, your lifestyle and stresses, what products you currently use and the impact this has on your skin. Then, post cleansing and toning, they can go through some options and see how your skin reacts, before coming to any conclusions.
‏‪@jemnixon best way to avoid/resolve spots? Not found anything yet that keeps them at bay?
T – A good diet, plenty of water and a great treatment for any break outs, such as Clarity from Cloud 9 Skin Solutions.
@alfiebsmith can pores really be minimised and if so, how? 
T – You can minimise the appearance of pores, yes, the best way to do so is to keep them clear, so make sure you cleanse twice a day and after exercise. Exfoliation is also key.
Gosh, that is a lot of questions and answers, but if you did get involved and asked a question, I hope we managed to cover it!
Did you have a question on skincare that’s been answered in this post? I sure did, thank you Teresa for some really amazing information and for taking the time to answer so many questions!


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