Yours Clothing Rose Print Lace Overlay Dress

Yours Clothing have definitely been one of my favourite brands this year, their designs are just getting better and better every single month. As soon as I saw this Black & Magenta Rose Print Lace Overlay Midi Dress, I just knew I had to have it! It’s the exact style of dresses that I love and feel the most comfortable in. A swooping neck, lace 3/4 arms, and a flared knee length skirt. I mean the lace alone is enough to make me like it, but isn’t it such a beautiful style and striking floral print?

The style actually comes up slightly bigger than others and so I’m wearing a size 20 here and it’s a perfect fit! At £49.99 it is a slightly more expensive dress but it’s a really beautiful and comfortable dress to wear that I can imagine people will get a lot of wear out of. I don’t include myself in that as I actually wore this out the day it arrived so I could take photos in it, and ended up sitting on a table with a super sharp piece of wood sticking out of it. I think you know where this is going? Yep, I snagged the entire front of the dress, a good 6 inches is completely ruined and I am devastated! The pub we were in were really apologetic and did offer a small voucher to say sorry, but I genuinely wanted to wear this dress again so I’m still annoyed.

Yours Clothing Rose Print, georgina grogan, plus sizeYours Clothing Rose Print, georgina grogan, plus sizeYours Clothing Rose Print, georgina grogan, plus size

One of the things I didn’t think about when getting my hot tub was a robe to wear to get in and out of it in the colder months, but thankfully Yours Clothing have an amazing selection. How gorgeous is this Purple Hooded Textured Fleece Dressing Gown With Pockets!? It’s honestly one of the softest things I’ve ever touched and I’ve been wearing it constantly in my office. I’ve got it in the size 22-24 and it’s perfection, at £26.99, I cannot recommend it enough. The hood and pockets are such a welcome addition and I love that it’s not full length as it means I don’t get quite as overheated. The colour is so beautiful on this too

Yours Clothing, georgina grogan, plus size


Have you picked up any beauties from Yours Clothing lately?

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