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I’ve teamed up with Sizzling Pubs to celebrate their Cider Fest by giving away a £50 voucher to spend in any one of their pubs across the UK! Sizzling Pubs have been doing some awesome promotions across the Summer on their cider menu, not only are they offering a huge range of tasty and fancy ciders, but they’ve also got 2 ciders from only £6.50 up until the 31st of August!

The Sizzling Pub’s cider collection included Smirnoff Ciders of Passion & Lime, Raspberry & Pomegranate, as well as the Blind Pig range with Whiskey, Honey & Apple, and Bourbon & Blueberry. Of course they also have the Bulmers range too.

I’ve always thought of Sizzling Pubs as a real family place, and so this time we took the parents along. Unfortunately my mum wasn’t too well but thankfully my dad was on hand to play up for the camera! We ended up going to the a pub that we used to go to years ago before it was a Sizzling Pub, The Travellers at Ecclesfield Sheffield. We haven’t been for years and it was nice to see how much it had improved, from the bar to the colour scheme, it definitely looks more inviting now. It had a great atmosphere for a week night, lots of families, couples, and the odd solo drinker.

Be sure to find your local by using this page.

I do like a fruity cider from side to side, but me and mum are on a Pinot Grigio tour this year and we have a bottle where ever we go! We did start off by rating them, but further down the line we definitely forgot. I didn’t love the Pinot here so I moved onto Sizzling Pubs’ Frosé, a wine slushy. So beyond nice, and these would be amazing on a hot summer’s day to keep you cool! I’m now a huge fan of them.

Dad and Alfie really enjoyed the ciders and ended up staying with the Blind Pig range, thanks to the recommendation from Lawrence, our lovely waiter.

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Onto the food…

Sizzling Pubs is awesome for really good, homely, warming, food that will definitely fill you up. You never go away hungry from a Sizzling Pub.

For the starters I had the Grilled Prawn Skewer, which was so delicious, definitely one of the best starters I’ve had in a pub, I’m such a prawn fan. Dad and Alfie went for the Stilton Mushrooms that definitely stole the show and were really tasty. I got to try some of Alfie’s and next time I’d definitely order this instead. Finally, mum had the Battered Mushrooms and there were SO many she was handing them out to us all. Sizzling Pubs don’t half do portion sizes, you really do get a lot of food for your money.

cidermakessummer cidermakessummer

We all went for something different for our main courses, I picked the Sizzling Lamb Kebab Skillet for Dad and he seemed to really enjoy it. It came with warm naan bread, salsa, and cooling mint sour cream. Mum ordered the Mega Mixed Grill as that’s her all time favourite, rump steak, gammon, chicken, sausages, with all the sides. She seemed to really enjoy it!

Alfie went for a steak, which shocked me as usually it doesn’t matter where we are, he’ll always order a burger. A big step for him! He loved the steak, cooked to just how he wanted it. I ordered a American Combo with different types of chicken, sweet potato fries (that I love) and onion rings.

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Overall the meal and all our drinks (including a bottle of wine) came to £92, considering we were all drinking alcohol, I didn’t think this was too bad at all!

Fancy winning a £50 voucher for Sizzling Pubs? Enter below!

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This post is in collaboration with Sizzling Pubs.
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    I would def take my family, we are in need of a good treat this year ❤

  • I love a good pub meal and a cheeky cider!!!

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  • Honestly your Dad’s face in those photos absolutely kills me. He’s so precious!! I’d take my husband Stu and our best friends Jamalie (Jamie and Natalie, aren’t we lame haha)

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    would be lovely to have a treat out with hubby

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    Would have to be my husband, although our last visit to a Sizzling Pub was at our teenage haunt with our old school friends (it doesn’t change, we just get older!)

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    my fam

  • I’d treat my lovely mum and dad to a meal.

    Laura x

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    My good friend and fishing buddy Allan.

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    I would take my son for a birthday treat

  • Would love to go with my fiancé! We both love pub food so this would be perfect and cider is one of our faves!

    Tiffany x http://www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

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