Christmas Pampering, Luxury, and Self Care Gift Ideas!

Christmas Pampering, Luxury, and Self Care Gift Ideas!

Normally I don’t even speak of Christmas until after my birthday (27th of November) but this year I’m feeling oddly organised. Well, I bought a couple presents and suddenly I feel Christmassy! But let’s call it organised. This year my Christmas Gift Guide is all about pampering, luxury, and the most important thing of all, self care. Luxury doesn’t mean luxury budgets though. I’m a bargain queen and rarely splurge unless something really impresses me.

Watches are definitely something that deserves splashing out, especially OWL watches as they’re truly beautiful. This is the Lincoln Rose Gold Watch with Grey Strap at £110, it was the rose gold face that really attracted me to this watch, that and the fact that it’s rather small and unoffensive for a watch. Sometimes I just find them so big and bulky that I could never dream of wearing them, but this one almost looks like a pretty bracelet! It’s a premium leather strap and I love the cool grey tone. OWL watches are so beautifully presented in their wooden chest like boxes, they really are a special gift and bound to make anyone happy. You could even get a his and hers matching pair as they do have a men’s range too!

OWL watches
Candles, candles, candles. I never got the obsession until I came across the Ecoya Vanilla Bean Candle from Amara. It is quite honestly the most beautiful smell I have ever come across and we love leaving the lid off in different rooms. It’s one of those that we rarely burn as we like it too much to let it go! Sadly it seems to be sold out but Amara have an incredible luxurious candle collection with brands including Max Benjamin. There’s something for everyone with price ranges from £15-£600+. Obviously it depends on what brands and what your budget is. The Ecoya large candle is around £30 and I’d easily pay that for it. Whereas the Max Benjamin is just £15. I love the Amara website for finding brands that I don’t see everywhere.

Amara candles

Give the gift of pampering in a box with the Essence of Arcadia Make My Own Blends Set at £24.99 (on sale from £45!) I really think this is the most perfect gift for anyone who loves essential oils and being creative. We always have our Essence of Arcadia Diffuser and essential oils around our rooms so I’m really excited to use one that I’ve blended myself. The set contains Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Rosemary. I really love using essential oils and I really believe that they can uplift, relax, and enhance your mood. We’ve always had lavender around the house for sleepless nights or just when we need to relax and calm down faster than usual. I can’t wait to see what blends I can come up with!
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I needed some inspiration whilst shopping for Christmas and so I used the Octer website to look through a bundle of websites all at the same time. It made my shopping so much easier, especially as I had no idea what I wanted to buy. Having all the different choices of catergories to narrow it down slightly and give inspiration on things I might not have thought of was actually a fun experience. I nearly ended up buying beauty advent calendars but I settled on some awesome things from Boots. Including a Sanctuary Advent Calendar (I could not resist) and Soap and Glory. I’ll definitely be using the website to inspire the rest of my Christmas shopping, you can shop my store, price, or just look through it all!

Essence of Arcadia

Combining the luxury and the self caring is Merumaya. Merumaya is incredible. One of my all time favourite brands that I have truly come to love even more over time. This is the Girl’s Night In gift made for Christmas which is now on at a special price of £45. All together the products would retail at £62.50 so you’re saving £17.50! This gift set contains the most incredible products, the Mud Marvels Mask, Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil and the Youth Preservation Moisturiser, all with the beautiful signature fragrance of Merumaya that everyone needs to experience. These just happen to be some of my favourite products and products that I use constantly. The oil was a key part in every single one of my Halloween looks, and the moisturiser is my new daily favourite, I haven’t wanted to use anything else since a trial of the product arrived a few weeks ago. This a travel friendly 10ml in an airless pump. If you’re thinking of dabbling in a little Merumaya this year but don’t want to get a set, try the Melting Cleansing Balm or Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel, you will thank me for the suggestions, I don’t doubt it.


What do you think to my Christmas gift guide? What’s your favourite thing here?



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