One Last Lush Haul (As an Employee Anyway)

One of the best perks about working for Lush is their amazing staff discount and I will definitely be sad to see it go. There are many ways in which you could take this post, my Christmas Lush top picks, Lush products I can’t live without, or even, Lush products I wouldn’t pay full price for….
If you saw my tweet, you’ll know that I spent an absurd amount of money, and that’s with discount. The products in this post are just the ones I bought for myself (and a few for my Mum) I also bought my first Christmas presents of the year and I got Ryan all of his favourite things, despite us hating accepting gifts from each other. I pretty much stuck to what my two years at Lush meant I already knew and loved, and only picked up two new products. After being away from Lush for nearly two months, I’ve actually not been using much of my usual things, and instead I’ve been expanding my experience in the beauty world. A couple things are hard to find better elsewhere though, like the bath products and massage bars. Many companies have tried, but I’m yet to find a brand that is actually even on the same level with Lush’s quality. So, naturally I picked up quite a few…
Christmas Lush products 2014
Christmas Lush products 2014
I unfortunately only managed to get one Lord of Misrule this year as it only stayed for Halloween. An absolute outrage in my books and many others, but alas, there’s nothing we can do until next year. Instead, I picked up double of my favourites, such as Big Blue Bath Bomb at £3.35, a seaweed bath that makes me feel like a mermaid. Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb at £3.50, a Lavender bath bomb that is back for another year, but unfortunately without it’s vibrant purple/pink colour. Instead, the bath was a lot more pastel and not as pleasing on the eye. Thankfully, nothing has changed with the beautiful Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb at £3.50. It’s the same fragrance of their Honey I Washed the Kids soap, a delicious honey smell that turns into a sparkly, deep blue bath. A bath that I couldn’t wait to have was Cinders at £2.50, an adorable, little, spicy, cinnamon bath bomb that warms your muscles. Just what the Doctor ordered for my achy body.

I also picked up the Festive Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar at £3.25, with the same smell as The Olive Branch Shower Gel. It’s heavenly on your skin and creates the silkiest layer ever. One new product that I picked up was the slightly overpriced bubble bar Holly Golightly at £4.75. The price absolutely killed me, but I saw glitter and my heart took precedent over my head on this one. I was unaware that it was a bright, green, citrus, and cinnamon bath, but that excites me so much. I’m saving this one for a special day and I definitely think it’ll be an amazing bath. Finally, the last bath product I picked up was the Gold Fun, £5. I grabbed some in my Christmas pack and I have been absolutely craving it for every bath. With the same smell as Shoot for the Stars, the almost edible smell of honey is just too much to use sparingly. It’s a play dough that you can wash your hair, body, and clothes with if you really want, and use it as bubble bath.

Christmas Lush products 2014
Christmas Lush products 2014
Christmas Lush products 2014
wiccy magic muscle bar, lush
Another product that my achy body has needed quite a lot of is the Wiccy Magic Muscle Massage Bar at £6.50, a cinnamon bar that heats up and stimulates blood flow. I’ve been applying this to my shoulder pretty much constantly and I even use parts as a bath melt. I was also advised to try out Percup Massage Bar at £6.50, it’s a massage bar that has arrived in store whilst I’ve been away, so I literally knew nothing about it. As soon as I found out it had coffee in it, I was sold. Coffee is also amazing for stimulating blood flow, so obviously I had to get that too. Finally, the last cinnamon/blood stimulating product I bought was Hot Toddy Shower Gel at £13.50. A beautiful, bright, red and sparkly showergel that is oozing of cinnamon and creates dreamy baths. I got a tiny bottle in my Christmas pack and I have been obsessing over it, as you can literally feel your skin heat up on touch. It makes one of the prettiest and soothing bubble baths of all time and it was definitely worth picking up a big bottle for Christmas. Especially seen as Twilight didn’t return, I’m proud of myself for not starting a petition.
Finally, I couldn’t leave Lush without stocking up on my favourite perfume, Sikkim Girls. Some may say I have a slight addiction…..
sikkim girls perfume, lush
With the new revamp of the perfumes, it means that Sikkim Girls is now only available to buy in this pitiful size at £32. Rather disappointing as I was ready to empty my overdraft on buying the biggest bottle (on the left). It’s a pretty pricey Jasmine perfume, but if it suits your skin, you can’t resist it. It’s a perfume that makes me feel confident and sophisticated, as if I could take on the world. I obviously don’t like finishing bottles and take different ones out with me depending on where I am going, so I have various sizes bottles with various quantities left in them. Sikkim Girls is definitely something that I will be buying when I need to restock, but the £32 price tag will definitely cause tears in my eyes.
lush perfumes, karma, vanillary, sikkim girls


I also picked up two other perfumes which used to be my favourites. At first I started with the Karma Perfume at £24, orange, patchouli and lemongrass which blends together to make a not so overly happy orange smell. I describe this as ‘being in your mid-twenties, still excited over Disney films but you don’t go to the cinema to see them’. I have weird ways of describing perfumes sometimes and I blame Lush for that. I can’t remember if someone recommended it, or if I just randomly put it on one shift, but I just had to try out Karma mixed with the Vanillary Perfume at £28. A powdery vanilla, which isn’t as sweet as you’d think. Together they create such a beautiful perfume as Vanillary really brings out the high notes in Karma. Through wearing them pretty much constantly for a good couple months, my Mum also became obsessed with the smell, so these perfumes are more for us to share and so we can smell amazing, all day every day.
There we have it, probably my last ever Lush Haul as an employee! What did you think to the things I picked up? Have you tried them already?