Christmas Gift Ideas For Men & TWO Giveaways!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Men
I don’t know what it is but Christmas shopping for men rarely excites me, which is why I’ve tried to pick out some really fun things this year. Whilst still being practical of course. The funnest thing is debateable but it’s definitely between this incredibly huge The Avengers Hulk Mug at £9.99, it’s such a detailed and chunky mug! I picked this out because it’s my dad’s nickname for when he has his little tantrums but my brother’s girlfriend (who is a bit of a hulk herself) ending up taking a liking to it! The reason why I said it was debatably the funnest thing is because of this awesome Football Popcorn Maker at £28.99, I mean, who doesn’t need a popcorn maker!? This looks fantastic sat in any room for a party or movie night, it’s really easy to use too. If you like the look of these two then keep reading as you can enter a giveaway to win them both at the end of this post! 
Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

Ever since I’ve been with Alfie I’ve always bought him a fancy beer set and I absolutely adore this Three Cheers For Beers Gift Set at £25.00, it’s such an amazing price and I’ve really took a liking to one of the glasses myself as it’s so lightweight, a definite new favourite of mine. The point in different sized and shape glasses are to release the flavour of the drink more. Fancy glasses for fancy beers. Dartington also have an awesome cocktail set which would also make a perfect gift.

Back over to my dad and I just adored this little Travel Shoe Care Kit at £24.99 for him. He always talks about clean shoes and ironed clothes and will hold us up a good ten minutes ironing when we’re ready to go out, so I really couldn’t have found anything better for him. He loves it, he’ll definitely be using this a lot! It has everything you need to polish and clean up your shoes to make them look smart.

Christmas Gift Ideas For MenChristmas Gift Ideas For Men

Hawkins & Brimble Christmas gift selection is so good this year! All the men in my house couldn’t wait to get their hands on one of the sets. There’s something for everyone from smaller sets to big limited edition ones at £49.95 and £59.95 (one of which I’m giving away at the end of this post) and for every price range too. Alfie has been loving their face wash in the Hawkins & Brimble Root to Tip Body Care Set at £26.95, as well as the shampoo and water pomade in the Hawkins & Brimble Hair Care Set at £16.95. They’re definitely the stars of this post as their products are just so great, the packaging is awesome, and I love how the gift sets are presented!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

 Label.m also had an incredible Christmas gift set with a pair of socks, so I was straight on that one! Every man in my house loves socks, they all constantly want new ones and lose nice ones. It annoys my mum a lot so we do try to buy them new ones every Christmas. This set has a shampoo, conditioner, a matte hair paste, and of course, the socks. Which are very nice socks I will add! This set is available in a few places for around £24.95. We also tried out a couple of their other shampoos and conditioners and we’re really enjoying them, they’re definitely the most used these past few weeks!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

Finally I also wanted to include some fancier skin care for those men who really do love looking after their skin. Essentialle have some beautiful products including these two face oils, we have Restore Skin Equilibrium and Confidence at £62, which is better for oilier skin types as it’s only lightly moisturising and it calms your skin down which may be a little angry with excess oils.
For dryer skin types there’s the Revival Nectar Nourishing Face Oil at £70 and this works in a different way to really penetrate and hydrate the skin. It’s great for preventing the signs of ageing and getting rid of those dry patches. My dad will be using this one during the colder, winter days.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

 Finally, we have a silver Zippo! Another item that my dad absolutely adores and always has. It’s a perfect gift for a smoker as these are made to last, unlike the hundreds of cheap lighters they have all over the house. They have such a huge range of prints, styles, colours, and prices meaning you can really pick out the perfect one for the person you’re buying for, and your budget.


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  • Tracey Peach

    I love the Travel Shoe Care Kit you could tuck it away & have it with you when ever you needed a show brush up!

  • melanie stirling

    The travel shoe care kit,I know my husband would find that very useful.

  • Solange

    The Football Popcorn Maker.

  • I personally would love the Hulk mug but the football popcorn maker is also super fun! 🙂

  • Jane Willis

    The Dartington beer glass set would be my husband’s favourite

    • Jane Willis

      and it would STILL be his favourite!

  • Jade Hewlett

    The hulk mug looks great

  • The mug .x