Chiquito Sheffield

We had one of the most enjoyable experiences on our latest trip to Chiquito and that was definitely because of our waiter, John, and of course the fabulous food. Despite going over the Bank Holiday weekend it was surprisingly quiet and our waiter John was beyond attentive. Whenever we ordered he would suggest his own favourites, which turned out to be the better choices actually, and when we didn’t realise the lunch menu was half the size he insisted on letting us look as the ‘good stuff’ was on that side, including his top three, Enchiladas, Burritos and the Flatbreads. I’m going to talk about the waiter a lot because he honestly may as well have sat down with us as he was just so beyond friendly, funny and he really made our meal there one of the best dining experiences that we’ve had out as a family. Of course I took the parent’s with us to review Chiquito and it’s safe to say that they’re now big fans.

We all try to order differently when reviewing somewhere, well, I insist on it so I can get different photos for the blog! This time I was a little more relaxed as I didn’t take out my fancy camera, but everyone choose differently for their mains anyway. To start we were randomly giving popcorn which made us all laugh at how odd it seemed, but it was soon gone. The starters were a split between mushrooms and chicken strips, the mushrooms definitely won that round as they were absolutely beautiful! For the mains my dad ordered the Vegetable Flatbread to be told my John that he definitely needed Beef adding as it was delicious, it wasn’t a problem at all to change our order before it was meant to be served and it was definitely the right choice as it tasted incredible and we all had a try. Mum went for the Enchiladas and it resulted in me staring at her plate whilst she ate, they looked SO good and tasted even better. I’m definitely ordering them next time. I had the Street Style Burito which is rather different for me but it was incredibly tasty. Obviously Alfie had a burger, I mean when does he not? Burger expert.
Chiquito Sheffield Chiquito SheffieldChiquito SheffieldChiquito SheffieldChiquito Sheffield Chiquito SheffieldChiquito Sheffield

I was really surprised with the cocktail selection at Chiquito, they were delicious and so well made! For my final drink I let John pick and he actually brought out my favourite, Passion Fruit Daiquiri! I would actually go back for just a cocktail session as they’re that good and I need good cocktails in my life. Everyone else seemed happy with their choices of beer too. We opted out of desert as we couldn’t managed the fries and sweet potato fries that we ordered between us, so chocolate wasn’t going to happen. Instead we just sat around and enjoyed the atmosphere. I didn’t take any cash on me as we got an Uber there so it was decided early on that Alfie would nip across to Hollywood Bowl and get some cash out so we could actually tip John, I can’t say we’ve ever had such an incredible service before to go through the hassle but he’s such an asset!

When we go again to Chiquito I think we may be tempted to ring and make sure he’s working! I mean, who else could persuade us all to put on Mexican hats for a photo? Dad already had his on but he gets excited easily lmao.

The 2 course meal for 4 including at least 3-4 drinks each cost around £120/£130, I can’t remember exactly as we had vouchers which meant it only cost £60 for us. I think it’s a pretty reasonable price considering the drinks.
We were gifted vouchers to review but all words and opinions are my own.