Chill* Hair Ed Stains in Berry, Cherry and Red!

As promised, I am still on my mission to find a red dyes or products which are amazing at making red hair last. Through ridiculously busy weeks, I haven’t had chance to try out these products as quickly as I would normally like, so you may have already seen snapshots on my Instagram. If not, you’ll not know that I was sent Chill* Ed Stain Colours in 3 different shades, Berry, Cherry and Red. My hair is a pretty dark red when I first dye it with my usual Crazy Colour in Vermillion Red, so I let it wash out to a lighter red shade and this is how it looked to begin with…..
Chill* Hair Ed Stains
Chill* Hair Ed Stains
Chill* Ed Stains are said to make a clear statement and define individuality. whilst lasting up to 20 shampoos and staying bright throughout the washes. I can’t vouch for 20 washes at all as I didn’t have chance to leave it 20 washes, but every time I used one of the colours, it had practically vanished by wash 5/6. The bottles only contain 100ml, which means I can cover the top of my hair and that’s about it, it did make it a little difficult to get an overall colour, hence why there’s no back shots of my hair, as you could barely notice from the back. (You’ll have to excuse the photos, as I said it’s been a couple busy weeks so I just had to take them on the go.)
The first colour I used was Berry and it turned me into a beautiful bright red tone with a lot of pink, I did have to mix half of the mixture with water as it wouldn’t cover enough of my hair, obviously it didn’t end well. I absolutely adored the colour, however, normally when I get hot and start to sweat my colour will run under my massive fringe. It’s containable and not a problem, but this time it really was a problem. The colour ran a lot more than expected and stained half of my face. I was utterly embarrassment and very annoyed by the dye. I assumed it would be because I mixed it with water so I tried again…..
Chill* Hair Ed Stains in Berry, shemightbeloved, red hair, georgina grogan
Cherry was next and I have to say, it was my definitely favourite. It took me to the most vibrant and beautiful red. This time I didn’t mix it with water at all, instead I just tried harder to spread it and it worked a lot better. Ideally I would definitely need two bottles of Chill* stain per application, however at £10 a pop, that isn’t ideal at all. It didn’t run as much as I left it on longer (around an hour).
Chill* Hair Ed Stains in cherry, shemightbeloved, georgina grogan, red hair
If I was going to buy one straight away, I would have gone for Red, but Red seemed to be the most disappointing one of all. Sure it was actually red, but it was very bright and not full of life and vibrancy at all, despite it going on hair that was already red. I was rather disappointed by it and I’m glad I used it last!
Chill* Hair Ed Stains in Red, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved, red hair
At £9.99 for 100ml, with potential leakage and under 10 washes, I’m not blown away by Chill*. I’d recommend them if you’re looking for a slight change, top up, or if you have very short/thin hair and 100ml is perfect for a dash of colour.
I have got two other guides on red hair including, How to Maintain Red Hair and a range that actually maintains red hair.
Have you tried Chill* Before?
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  • Love your hair colour!

  • Kathryn

    I can’t believe these dyes are £10, they look like they would cost £3, the packaging looks cheap.

    I’ll be staying away from these!

    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow

  • I love your hair, looks amazing 🙂

    Sophie x

  • Cherry is a beautiful colour and it really suits you! x

    Beyond the Velvet | Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog

  • I love red hair but getting the vibrancy is a nightmare, I don’t think I would bother with these as TBH my directions do the same job at about £4.00 each

  • the pink one looked like a really cool colour, i think its best to stock on Live! Colour, they own it x

  • Think its a good thing these aren’t great, In could never pull of red!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • Rougette S

    Haven’t tried it, over here we have manic and that’s just alright, only stays good for a week or so, it’s hard to find red colors to stay it’s generally the first color to wash out fastest

  • What a gorgeous hair colour and hairstyle!



  • That is disappointing. I’m also on a mission for the perfect red hairdye but I’ll certainly not waste my time or £10 for such a small amount when I can get Directions on ebay for £2.50 a tub that lasts 3+weeks. Shame But good luck on your mission 🙂

  • I love red coloured hair x

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR HAIR! i miss coloring my hair SO MUCH! I’m from the US, can I buy these dyes at all? And how much are they in $? lol Sometimes, I wish I was in a different country. All the bloggers I follow are all over the world but not in my area! lol.
    Anyway, great post. Just love it. 🙂
    Much love,

  • £10 for 100ml, that’s so expensive! I can’t imagine that would cover a lot of people’s hair unless it was really short!

    Emma emhasrednails