Chi Chi London Lottie Dress | Hairfinity Event

Over the past month, I’ve noticed that I’ve began to develop an unhealthy relationship with dresses, I’m actually falling head over heels for stunning material, that has been beautifully put together. You’ll definitely see more on this in my upcoming plus size fashion posts, as I’ve gone a little dress crazy. But anyway, a couple weeks ago I received an invitation to the Hairfinity UK Launch event, where the special guests would be Kim and Khloe Kardashian. I was already going to be in London and had already got an open ticket to come back whenever, so instead of ditching my Mum in a nearby restaurant, we thought it would be easier for us to stay over and then I could go to the event.Of course, with such an event with guests like the Kardashian’s, one has to make an effort and I knew that I wanted a gorgeous evening dress, so it wasn’t hard to decide where from. Chi Chi London’s Plus Size Range has been amazing in the past, and they’re just getting in new plus size stock. It’s now called Chi Chi Curve and they very kindly gifted me this beautiful Chi Chi London Lottie Evening Dress to wear to Hairfinity. It was definitely the sort of dress that I wanted to wear as it was so elegant and sophisticated, plus, it made me feel like a Princess. I even received compliments from complete strangers as I left the apartment too, which is always a positive sign that you must be wearing a pretty hot dress.

Chi Chi London Lottie Dress, Plus Size Blogger

I knew that from my last review of Chi Chi London’s Plus Size Range, that I did fit better in a 22 than a 20. Which seems to be the case for most places now, but I can still pretend. My last dress was the adorable Chi Chi Dolly dress which fit to absolute perfection and I wore it to ST Ledgers Ladies Day. The Chi Chi Lottie Dress would have definitely been a near perfect fit, if it wasn’t for my 40FF boobs. Although, the tightness of the dress did make them look extra perky, but gasping for air at the same time. We later found out, when it came to taking these pictures actually, that the dress actually has a zipper on it. Meaning that it is far much easier to get on and off despite your bust size. However, with that in mind, if you are a size 22 and have a larger bust than me, I’m afraid it’s not going to happen, but fortunately it comes in a 24 too. I found the material to be a little itchy, but one quick look in the mirror and I didn’t care at all. It’s also a little tight on the arms, with a tiny excess material on the top of the chest area, so as long as you’re good at adjusting yourself, you should be able to have this all in check. The Lottie Dress starts in a size 6-24, making sure that women of various sizes can look and feel beautiful in their dress!

Chi Chi London Lottie Dress, plus size blogger
Chi Chi London Lottie Dress, plus size blogger
The dress was comfortable enough to wear all night long, but it would definitely be more suited for an air conditioned event, as I was on fire for most of the event. The quality of the dress is truly incredible and with its many layers, it’s easy to see why it comes with a £75 price tag. On the ‘straight size’ model, I honestly despise that term but it seems to be the only safe one, the dress does appear to be a lot shorter, knee length short to be exact. But on my 5’3 frame, it comes to just above my ankles. I personally loved this, and maybe it’s because of my height, or maybe Chi Chi added in a little extra fabric for the Plus Size Range? Either way, as long as you can measure where it would roughly go against my measurements, it makes an absolutely stunning dress.
I honestly cannot wait to have somewhere fancy to go to, so that I can wear this dress again. It’s definitely a piece that will continue to wow, whatever the occasion. Just when you think that’s all the excitement finished for this post, I hopped on over to Chi Chi London to discover that this dress…..comes in red! The Chi Chi London Minnie Evening Dress, is absolutely breathtaking and it makes me want to dye my hair so I can rock that dress too. The Minnie only ranges from sizes 18-24 right now though, meaning it’s exclusive to their plus size range.
I have fallen in love with Chi Chi London’s new Plus Size Range and I’m positive that it will continue to be amazing.