Chi Chi Curve Jourdan Dress

I haven’t seen or heard of Chi Chi Curve (London) doing much with plus size bloggers for a while now which is a serious shame as their collection is always updating, selling out and is hugely popular, so I made it my mission to work with them again. I’m personally a big fan of their dresses, I know they don’t cater to the bigger side of plus as they used to stop at a 24 and now they’ve expanded to a 26 so it’s not amazing just yet but it’s a positive step in the right direction. Hopefully with the growing popularity in the plus size world they’ll expand even more.
Anyway, in the past I’ve reviewed the Dolly and the Lottie and loved them both. They’re occasion-wear dresses, and I’m pointing this out because it’s virtually impossible to dress them down although I have noticed them bringing out more fancy day-time dresses.

I forgot that Chi Chi London do come up small, there’s no stretch in the dresses and they’re rather heavy with a lot of layers, usually incredible quality too. So I do need to size up to a 22 and I’d definitely suggest sizing up or if you’re in-between sizes, go for the largest. I say ‘usually’ incredible quality as when I came to put this on to take photos, I noticed that the lace was pulled in several places, hence leaving the tag on. The other dresses I’ve tried from ChiChi haven’t had such thin or delicate lace and therefore it’s virtually impossible for them to fray or pull, but this is the exception. The Jourdan Dress is a beautiful style with the 3/4 sleeves and playful hem, it sits incredible well and like the other Chi Chi dresses I’ve owned, it’s incredibly supportive meaning I don’t need to wear a bra, and I haven’t got one on here.

The Jourdan is £54.99 but if you’re in want/need of a Chi Chi dress, I would definitely recommend one with stronger lace, this is really easy to tell though. In fact a quick look at the Curve collection and I can’t actually see any of the other dresses that you’d have a problem with, just seems I was unlucky at this time! Just to be clear, I LOVE Chi Chi Curve dresses, I think they’re incredibly beautiful and they make an event so special because you look and feel special, it’s just this one isn’t the best I’ve tried..

Chi Chi Curve Jourdan Dress
Chi Chi Curve Jourdan DressChi Chi Curve Jourdan Dress Chi Chi Curve Jourdan Dress

I really think Chi Chi Curve have such potential, I just wish they’d work with bloggers more so customers can see what the dresses look like on actual fat people! It’s a constant struggle with most brands who ignore the power and influence of bloggers, but with dresses this beautiful and expensive, people need to see what it’s going to look like on them, especially now they’re catering up to a 26. Finger’s crossed working with the plus community is on their list of things to do!

What’s your favourite Chi Chi London dress? Sizes start at 6 – 26!

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  • Beverley Wheeler

    I’ve had my eye on this so its lovely to see you in it. I’ve got a real version of this dress that I had to be s bridesmaid and it’s beautiful and great quality. What I love about it is it feels and looks really impresdive, not the usual plus size dress. You look ace in it.