Charnos Xelence Plus Size Tights

I feel like I’m a little late to the party when it comes to trying out Charnos tights, high quality, plus size tights are not the easiest to come by and it’s shocked me that it’s taken me so long to be impressed. Whether they are ill fitting, badly manufactured, or just simply a pathetic quality, I have seen it all when it comes to plus size tights and I have never really been happy until now.
Charnos Xelence range exclusive to House of Fraser and is ‘custom made for curves’ in sizes 16-32. Not only is the Charnos Xelence range made for plus size woman but they also take into consideration that plus size women want different and fashionable styles and therefore offer an extensive range at affordable prices.
Charnos Xelence Plus Size Tights, scarlett & jo, georgina grogan, plus size bloggerCharnos Xelence Plus Size Tights
I have been fortunate enough to get to try out several styles including the Mini Spot Tights, 15 Denier Sheer Tights (£7), Knee High Tights and my favourites, the 50 Denier Opaque Tights (£10). I have found all the pairs of tights to be of the highest quality and extremely comfortable to wear for short and long periods of time, I even wore the 50 Denier pair to my shoot with Scarlett & Jo pictured below.
I also got the chance to try out their knee high tights, however, with chubby legs and very wide calves this was a interesting experience due to the fact that the tights simply rolled down my fat and accumulated under my knees in a very unflattering way. As you can imagine, I laughed a lot. I can not say I would recommend these to anyone with short, stubby legs like myself. Im not sure how they would look on a thinner leg but there are very much the material and design that would roll down regardless.
Charnos Xelence Plus Size TightsCharnos Xelence Plus Size Tights
I find that with Charnos Xelence tights I do not have to pull up or adjust them as much as other brands. I received all these in a size 22-26 apart from the knee highs which are one size. I have always been taught to size up for comfort with tights and I particularly like doing this because it allows extra material to cover my stomach and hide under my boobs, meaning there are no unwanted or unflattering lines anywhere on my torso and it feels so cosy.
Charnos Xelence has taken an awful lot into consideration when making their tights, such as anti-roll waistbands, anti-chaffing bands and reinforced toes, all of which make them probably the perfect tights.
Have you found the perfect tights for you yet? Or do you just fancy trying these out?Now is your chance! You can win the same 4 pairs I reviewed!
  • I am so excited by this post! The only tights I’ve ever been able to actually wear are Primark XL and they always rip on the inside of my thighs and cause horrible chafing, I’m definitely going to be picking some of these up!

  • Tights are definetely one of the hardest things to buy for me. How hard can it be to make tights with enough fabric to be comfortable for bigger women? It’s pathetic how hard it is to find nicely made tights that won’t give me painful chafing all day or that won’t ride down my hips and legs over time.

  • this is an interesting post, i was expecting to see a plus size model on the packaging – which would be more appropriate?

    When it comes to tights in general they can be such a pain! x

  • Love the print of your dress!



  • I always size up for comfort. I hate to struggle to get into a pair of tights. I don’t understand why it’s so hard to make them a little bigger.

    When I was a size L I had issues. Now I am a size S and I had some issues with a supposedly bigger pair of tights – M. Very frustrating.

  • Rosario

    I have finally found the perfect tights for me. Because I wear tights everyday I really had to find tights that don’t roll down or sage at the crotch. After all, how many times can you visit the rest rooms to readjust your hosiery before someone takes notice? Although not cheap I found the Sigvaris 842M 20-30mmHg compression maternity pantyhose are my only to go to tights/pantyhose. Because they’re maternity they are like a super plus size tight that pulls all the way up to my boobs and they stay in place all day. The compression makes my legs feel great even being on my feet all day. Even though they’re medical hosiery that feel and look great. Opaque that my veins are hidden and you can almost wear them as leggings which I do when I get home from work. Can’t say enough about these fabulous pantyhose. Oh I should mention it does take a little bit of wrestling to get them on, but it’s worth it.

  • Big Fat Betty

    Tights are (generally speaking) a massive pain in the bum, sometimes quite literally! I’d love to give these a try 🙂

  • I want to win because I don’t have any tights and love wearing dresses all the time. These would be perfect for work or a night out.

  • The Powderpuff Room

    These looks amazing, would also love to win as I’ve never found tights I actually like! x

  • Lynn Potts

    These look good. I normally wear 40 or 60 denier M&S tights in XL, but the problem is whilst they fit nicely up top, they are too long and end up baggy around my ankles. If I size down to the L, then they aren’t big enough for my backside and roll down from my waist 🙁

  • Kerri

    these look lush! i hope to win!!

  • Natalie Crossan

    I’d love to win because I never find tights that fit x