Celebrate World Book Day with I Just Love It!

To celebrate World Book Day (Thursday 3rd March) in colourful and bright style, I Just Love It – a personalised gift company, sent me my very first adult colouring book and personalised ‘She Might Be Loved pencils!

I know, not really a traditional way to celebrate but with mindfulness and adult colouring being so popular right now, I just had to try it for myself. I’m not one for just sitting without being on a device, how could I be when I work/breath/live online? But shockingly, I’ve really found my adult colouring book beyond relaxing. I mean seriously. I was even showing ‘mummy’ my ‘pretty pictures’. I used to be really creative and arty as a child, now I just paint my face, so I guess I still am but it really took me back to a time without the Internet….

Celebrate World Book Day with I Just Love It!


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This Personalised Colouring Book would make the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one. You’d have to love yourself or someone else a lot as it is £19.99, but you won’t find a prettier personalised colouring book anywhere else! Once my inner artist kicked in I ditched the Personalised 24 Pencil Set at £9.99 as they just weren’t of a high enough quality for my complex shading – such a diva. So instead, I opted for my WHSmith Artist Colouring Pencils that have been in my room since my mum treated me to art selection after my incredible GCSEs results – so basically, they’ve been there for years (but they’re still on the website!?) Mindfulness is still not something I’m not 100% on board with it, simply because I want to scream at anyone who tells me that ‘the pain is all in my head,’ but colouring is the perfect way to start and zone completely out.
As long as your remember your colouring does not have to be Instagram worthy – the pressure I put myself under for my first masterpiece was not relaxing, but it was indeed a masterpiece.

Modest as always.



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  • Hayley Ann Stewart

    I’m so pleased that you love it as much as I do angel face. So good for mindfulness and relaxation. I need to do more of it.

  • I’ve bought a colouring book for my mum for Mother’s Day as she is off work at the moment after having heart surgery and I’m hoping it will help to take her mind of things. I know my colouring book has been incredibly helpful with my anxiety.