Celeb Look Lace Waterfall Cardigan

I truly am a Plus Size Cliché when it comes to waterfall as I really do love and wear it an awful lot. I even wore a butterfly belt the other day, and now I’m considering burning it and deleting this sentence as it’s potentially damaging evidence. But, I confess, I do love Waterfall as it gives my large hourglass frame a lovely shape and is fantastic for finishing off outfits in a flattering way. Of course, I’d say that waterfall is ‘slimming’ but I’m still a 20/22 with a waterfall jacket or without one. Lace waterfall jackets are my all time favourite so when I was contacted by Celeb Look, who have an array of colourful lace jackets, I couldn’t resist.
I love these thin, pure lace cardigans mainly in the Summer time as they look amazing with strapless maxi dresses. However, seen as it’s now Winter I decided to wear them both differently, one with a more Wintery outfit and the other more Summer suited. Naturally, a black lace cardigan was a must as it goes with just about everything. I decided to match this with a sneak peak of my new Kelly Brooke dress from Simply Be, for a subtle yet sophisticated cover up (sizing details coming soon).
Kelly brooke dress, celeblook cardigan, plus size blogger
With my pale skin and bright red hair, it means I have to stay away from the warmer colours such as red clothing. A real shame for someone who is as obsessed as I am, however, cooler colours like blue and purple are my new allies and they definitely make me stand out. I decided to take the bright blue Celeb Look cardigan and wear it with a Newlook Skater (size 20) dress to create a very bold and Summery outfit. It’s not something that I would usually wear, and certainly not with my bare legs, however I love how it looked in the end. I even gained  new appreciation for my calves. The 20/22 is definitely true to size and therefore I could have got away with sizing down for a more structured and fitted design.

Celeblook lace cardigan, newlook inspire dress, plus size blogger
The CelebLook Lace Waterfall cardigan ranges in sizes 14-28 and comes in black, brown, cerise, coral, purple, red, royal blue and white. Which makes sure that everyone can have that perfect finishing touch to any outfit. At £14 the material isn’t the best, but so far they have been comfortable to wear and I can imagine them lasting for quite a while.
*Both cardigans were sent for review.