Cat Hampurr – The Subscription Box for Cats!

Gypsy is the sort of cat who’s a little timid but loves nothing more than cuddles and being fed, constantly. We think Gypsy is around 10 now (we rescued her from the worst neighbours ever so we’re unsure) but as you can see, she is still rather small for her age and fortunately for my camera, she’s a very photogenic and pretty looking cat. Gypsy does get a little scared with parcels as she doesn’t like bags, packaging or anything that moves too fast and makes a noise, which is why I’m so surprised at how much she loves the Cat Hampurr.
The Cat Hampurr is a monthly subscription box for your fury meowing friends where every month you will receive a box of 4-6 specially selected items that are bound to make your cats love you even more. It can be anything from toys, healthy cat food, indulgent treats, even cat nip! Basically, it’s like a beauty box to bloggers and women, you get to try the latest things on the market for a small fee a month. It was amazing to see how much Gypsy wanted to be actually inside the box and wanted to sniff just about every centimetre of it!
Cat Hampurr - The Subscription Box for you Cat! Subscription Box for Cats
Gypsy does like her toys, but it takes a her a little while to come around to it, at first she just wanted to smell the fish… but soon she wanted to eat it.

Subscription Box for CatsSubscription Box for Cats
 I’m actually made up with the box and I think it’s a lovely treat to really spoil your cats! It’s always difficult trying to introduce new food as often it’s expensive and you don’t know if they’ll like it. However, for just £6 a month you can get a Bi-Monthly Hamper box to try new things out and see if you can find new favourites. Monthly boxes cost £11.95 and then there’s a special option for all of you who love to spoil your cats, £21.90 for a Double Helpings box (perfect if you own more than one cat!)
Cat Hampurr - The Subscription Box for you Cat!
Cat Hampurr - The Subscription Box for you Cat! Subscription Box for Cats
One thing I absolutely loved about this company, other than the fact that they address the parcel to Gypsy, was that they have a Pinterest on Cats. It’s literally the best.
Gypsy and I are both very happy with the box and Gypsy has already been telling all her friends about it!*Pr Sample. Gypsy speaks for herself, it’s the perfect way to spoil them.