Budget Teeth Whitening FT Powersmile, Pearl Drops and Instant Whites!

Can you Whiten your Teeth on a Budget? Just hearing teeth whitening makes me think expensive, but I’m definitely realising that it doesn’t always have to be. In fact, I think that the more affordable products are they ones that give longer lasting results. Sure you can go and have them whitened or buy an expensive kit but do they really last that long? I’ve had my teeth whitened via a laster twice now and it didn’t last long at all but cost a small fortune. I don’t have naturally white teeth, but I don’t really show them so I think I can get away with them but when I’m at events or meeting new people it’s probably the only thing I now feel conscious about. Not enough to shut me up, god no, but enough that if someone starts looking at my mouth I do feel awkward.

Affordable teeth whitening products that work is all what I’m about, but they’re not always the best for you. The Powersmile® Whitening Toothpaste Powerful Peppermint at £4.89 is probably the safest and most natural toothpaste I’ve ever tried. It has absolutely no Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates, no Propylene Glycol, colouring, or preservatives and it’s gluten free. It doesn’t taste like the typical minty fresh toothpaste, it’s a far more natural taste as opposed to other synthetic. Using bamboo powder, calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate, it basically works as a much better mix of what people tell you to whiten your teeth with naturally at home – always trust the professionals. I’ve noticed a real difference with my teeth, my mouth might not feel as minty fresh as it does with Colgate but it does feel cleaner. I definitely recommend trying it.

Can you Whiten your Teeth on a Budget? Jason power smilesCan you Whiten your Teeth on a Budget? pearl dropsCan you Whiten your Teeth on a Budget? instant whites
If the natuarl life isn’t for you then there’s the trusty Pearl Drops with their Lasting Flawless White Toothpolish at £6.99. Pearl drops says it can give you a ‘stellar smile’ in just 5 days which is pretty impressive. Its formula whitens and brightens whilst containing a superior stain removal and light-reflecting technology to make your teeth look glossier and healthier. There’s no denying Pearl Drops is amazing. It deeply cleans and is perfectly safe to use on a day to day. I’ve had a few products from Pearl Drops now and I’ve always liked them and they’ve worked really well, but with whitening toothpaste you just have to make sure you stock up, I always notice that shortly after moving to *anything that was on offer and doesn’t happen to be whitening* my teeth don’t last bright for very long…

If you need an even quicker fix, new to the UK and available in Boots is the Instant Whites liquid filled swabs at £29.99. You only receive 7 liquid filled swabs and there’s definitely not enough in them to soak your teeth in the whitening formula, but you’re only meant to have it on for 5 minutes, for 7 days in a row to become up to 9 shades whiter. It’s an incredible bold claim, and if there was more formula in the swabs or you’re an experienced teeth whitening, aren’t clumsy and know exactly how to keep your mouth in a positive which doesn’t knock any, this might work. I definitely noticed my teeth looked a little brighter, but 9 shades!? No…
Despite what you might think, they’re peroxide free and work by removing the stains and plaque from your teeth as you rub in the formula in circular motions for 10-20 seconds per tooth. This is mainly for a short term fix but some people have lasting results with them. The formula doesn’t take disgusting like some, it doesn’t burn like others and it’s definitely pleasant. If you’ve got the money to spare it’s worth a try, but be sure to let me know how many shades whiter your teeth become! I’ve probably brightened up by 1.


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