BTX Hair by Fruition Hair & Nails Sheffield

When I first heard of ‘BTX Hair Treatment’ I immediately thought of needles, and rightly so, as it does involve needles during the process. However, not in the way that most of you will be thinking. At Fruition’s Hair and Nail Event in Sheffield last month I got the chance to talk to Kerri who was answering all my questions on BTX Hair, ‘the original anti ageing treatment’. Kerri is the owner of her mobile hair business, Fruition Hair and applies the BTX Hair treatment in the comfort of your own home. BTX hair is basically an intense hair treatment of oils that restore your hair to a glamorous form. It’s not the quickest process but the results definitely are worth a little extra time. Kerri offered me a complementary treatment that my frizz prone hair and I were thrilled about!

So, you’re probably wondering, what is BTX Hair?

BTX Hair contains ingredients that when mixed together make the perfect blend to nourish and repair hair, it includes caviar oil, collagen, and E vitamins.

It appears to be crystallised in small bottles, and has to stand in water for several minutes until it liquefies and is ready to use. Using the needle, an appropriate amount of product for the thickness and length of the hair is added into hot water where it is mixed together until a cream mixture is formed. On wet, deeply cleansed hair it’s applied thoroughly, making sure each section of hair is evenly covered. After all the hair is covered, heat must be applied, which is where the funny looking hair dryer attachment is used. After around 15 minutes it is ready to be washed off, however, you can leave it on for longer. I think mine was on for around 30 minutes as I do have a lot of hair.

After development, you simply have to wash it off with nothing but water until 80% of the product has been washed out. This is rather tricky as normally with treatments you want them to be completely off, however, with BTX Hair it is important that product remains so that you can seal it in when straightening the hair to finish the treatment.
Despite being called an ‘anti-ageing’ treatment on its website, BTX hair is suitable for anyone who wants to add some life to their hair and make it more manageable. It costs just £45 and only needs reapplying every 2-3 months, making it the perfect way to keep on top of dry hair. It is also suitable for children!

Before the treatment my hair had been left to dry overnight meaning it was truly it’s natural frizzy/curly self, but afterwards it had been transformed into soft and sleek hair. Throughout my treatment Kerri made me feel really comfortable and talked me through every step and what it was for. I absolutely loved this treatment and my hair feels incredible, it’s definitely something worth investing in. Also, be sure to check out Fruition Hair on Facebook, and Twitter to see results on all different hair types, and Kerri’s other amazing work!