Bras & Honey Panache Sports Bra

Finally, the third part of my Gym Series! I am sorry for the little delay, it appears my 20 year old body cannot handle a simple cold anymore….
Anyway, so far we’ve had Going to the Gym when you’re Plus Size & Healthy Eating which covered exercises with an achy body and some of the things I’ve been eating. Secondly, Plus Size Gym Clothes with Simply Be where I tried a little selection out and today it’s time for Bras & Honey to show off what they have to offer. With January being one of the busiest months at the gym, most people may have invested in a gym bra, and now, you may be finding that it isn’t exactly perfect. I first started going to the gym in my Curvy Kate Daily Boost (which gives me no boost) and although that worked OK, I didn’t realise how much better life would be with a proper sports bra.
For most of us, when we think of Sports Bras we probably think of Panache straight away as simply, just about everyone has raved about this bra now, and now I know why. I did consider others, as Bras & Honey have quite a collection of sports gear but as they had one in my size and in my favourite colour, it was fate. At Bras & Honey, the Panache Sports Bra is available in White, Black, and Red at £28.05, but why is it so amazing?
Bras & Honey Panache Sports Bra
Well it has padded underwires, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your boobs flying everywhere whilst you exercise or the discomfort of wires digging in anywhere during different positions. It has a comfortable scoop back and the usual rear fastening sports bra with racer back option for extra support, as well as extremely smooth cups. No pointy or unshapely boobs here at all, and this bra suits most gym wear perfectly. It’s amazing for high impact sports, such as cardio and things were your boobs would normally threaten to give you black eyes. Research on the bra has actually shown that it has up to 83% less bounce, which is pretty incredible on its own. Not only that but every level of comfort has been taken into consideration as they are wider straps and a thicker band which I long for in everyday bras. As you can imagine, this bra is of course award winning, it is everything a sports bra should be and more.
It is advised to be washed by hand, but that’s the case with bras as a whole even though most of us don’t listen. I will admit that I pop mine in the washer machine and so far it has been perfectly fine. I did grab this in a 40FF, however, due to weight loss I have since got hold of a 38G and it fits so much better. It’s definitely important to make sure you get your proper size with this bra as due to how it’s made, it will feel quite roomy, however when you move in it, you’ll realise you’re not going anywhere. Even though I shouldn’t technically be going on a cross trainer (as they’re not good for bad backs), I had a little go to find that everything, literally everything, else on my body moved except from my boobs. I’m incredibly impressed with the Panache Bra and Bras & Honey’s sport section as a whole!
What Sports Bra have you opted for?
*Provided for my gym series
  • Oooh I need one. The worst thing about exercising is the fact that nothing keeps my boobs under control, which can be really off putting “I could exercise, but then I’ll have to deal with flying boobs and no one has time for that”, so this sounds perfect.

  • You’re just fab! So happy you like the Panache Sports Bra and if you need anything you know where to get hold of me 🙂

  • I need to buy a good sports bra because the ones I have are getting old and they don’t hold me up properly.

  • A good sports bra is a GOD SEND <3 It's like, oh my god I cant actually move! Haha 🙂 This ones sounds incredible, I'll have to give it a go!

    Jemma xx

  • Oooh this looks great – gives you amazing shape (which is something I want even when in the gym). I wear a shock absorber bra but have purchased a Freya to try and will post my findings soon!

    C xx

  • I was looking at this bra literally a few days back. 83% less bounce would be amazing. I need a new bra so will definitely give this one a try.