Bras & Honey Elomi Imogen Set

A couple months ago I was named as Bras and Honey’s Blogger of the week and it just so happened that, that was the week of Plus North where we finally got the chance to meet. Ever since meeting the lovely ladies behind the PR at Bras and Honey, they shot up on my favourite brands list of people who I would love to work with. There’s something about meeting the faces behind a company that fascinates me. I love seeing how enthusiastic and happy they are with their jobs, and how much they love the brands. Bras and Honey are an incredible brand that specialise in bras from every size between a 28b and a 48K, which is an astonishing range to have. A couple weeks ago I was fortunate enough to finally work with Bras and Honey to review their beautiful Elomi Imogen bra and matching briefs.


Bras and Honey Elomi Imogen Set
If you read my latest Lingerie review, you’ll know that my boobs and I have a little issue with soft, lightly padded bras and to my slight disappointment, this was also one of them. The 40FF fit me to perfection, no spillage, my back felt comfortable and supported, but the cups just weren’t giving me the boost I longed for. Instead it’s much more of a natural hold, with a slightly natural pointy shape with how my boobs fall in it. However, after finally sussing what size my mum should be in, it turns out that it’s the same cup volume, just a different back size. Nevertheless, (and don’t shout at me bras gurus), my mum tried on the beautiful Elomi Imogen and it was perfection. Obviously boobs come in all different shapes and sizes and therefore, for my mum, this bra was everything she ever needed. Apart from it being a size or two too small. The beautiful full cup design ensures that every part of your boobs are supported and firmly in the bra, whilst the thick band and straps ensure the best of fits.
It’s a seductive dark lace pattern that comes in sizes E to JJ. It’s a pricey bra at £46, but it’s definitely going to last for a very long time as the quality is amazing, it washes like a dream.
With a beautiful new bra, it’s only right to have the matching briefs too and the Elomi Imogen briefs are so beautiful, comfy and yet very sexy at the same time. The high waisted briefs in a 22 fit perfectly in all the right places, making sure that I stayed a lovely smooth shape. A 22 works out as a 4L, but thankfully there’s no messing around with sizes as Bras and Honey make it crystal clear.
What do you think to this set? Is it something you would wear?