Brand Spotlight: Gatsbylady London

It’s not an exaggeration at all to say that plus size brands in the UK are so behind the ones in the US. Most are using fat-shaming memes on their social media, and constantly using hardly plus sized models to advertise their clothing, it really is quite a sad scene in the UK. I can only name a handful of brands that I fully support and Gatsbylady London is at the top of that list.

Gatsbylady is a brand that have seriously exceeded my expectations in every way they ever could. They specialise in the most incredible quality, handmade gatsby inspired dresses that really do have that wow factor. When I first tried out one of their dresses I was astonished over the attention to detail, for several reasons. Usually when a brand caters for straight sizes as well as plus, they do tend to care a little less for the plus sizes quality because it costs more to make them and it takes more time. This isn’t the case with Gatsbylady.

My brother’s girlfriend, Jemma, and I got together to show how GL looks amazing on anyone, any shape, or size. As you can see from the photos, Jemma and I are completely different sides on the scale. Jemma is wearing the Isobel Vintage Inspired Fringe Dress in Petite in a size 6, and I’m wearing the Alice Vintage Inspired Flapper Dress in a 22. Both dresses are a perfect fit and there’s no expense or time spared on the size 22 dress compared to the size 6. They’re both stunning dresses that make you feel so glamourous.

Gatsbylady Gatsbylady Gatsbylady
Gatsbylady take to catwalk shows with a diverse range of models that is honestly so refreshing and celebrated. They’ve been featured across the body positive community on Instagram for doing something that others so often fail at. A range that caters from a 6 to a 32 and they actually showcase their beautiful designs on all of those sizes across their social media and on their actual website too. Most dresses have a straight size model and a plus model, as well as a video to see how the dress moves. Being able to see what clothes look like on a model my size/or very close to it is incredibly helpful and it makes me shop more. Not to mention faster and wiser as you can really see and imagine what you’d look like in that outfit.

As you can tell I can’t say enough good things about Gatsbylady. They are truly one of the best brands I’ve encountered and to top it all off, they’re so supportive of bloggers too, they’ve even sponsored my new online magazine, She Might Be, for two seasons now! Not many brands truly support bloggers of all sizes like Gatsbylady do and that just makes me respect them more.


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  • Love the dresses. you ladies look gorgeous.

  • Chantel

    Lovely photos.

  • Gaby

    Both of you look gorgeous! It’s great GL put the same amount of care and quality into larger sizes that they do for smaller!

    Gabrielle Isabella x

  • Nikee Pish Rayner

    I adore Gatsby Lady, can’t wait for their popularity to reach bigger heights, they deserve it!<3