Boohoo’s Plus Size Range Review

 As a Plus Size Blogger, I thought it was my duty to check out Boohoo’s new Plus Size range and report back. A hard job, I know. Boohoo was a shop that I really enjoyed as it was affordable and very on trend, that was until I grew out of them, quite literally. With most of their range stopping at a small 18, our time together was brief. After already catering for smaller sizes of 4 and 6, finally they’ve launched a Plus Size range, which is actually rather good. Often when brands launch a plus size range, they get it really wrong, whether it be unshapely tents posing as dresses, or the completely wrong waistlines. However, Boohoo seem to have every style imaginable, even if it’s just one item, they still have it. My personal preference is a dress with sleeves, I’ve never been one to have my arms bulging out of a cap sleeved dress, so I was spoilt for choice.

boohoo plus size Ashley Lace Skater Dress

Despite having bright red hair now, I refuse to stop wearing red. Thankfully this dress is more of the maroon side which meant I could get away with it a little better. This is the Ashley Lace Skater Dress in a 22. Quite often lace doesn’t stretch so I did go for a bigger size just to make sure it wasn’t too tight anywhere and I’m really glad I did. Boohoo’s sizes are a tiny bit small as this 22 fit like more a size 20 dress does on me. Overall I’m really happy with the dress, everything was really comfortable. The lace isn’t the most expensive quality, but for £26, it’s what I would expect. I love the scoop neckline as it isn’t too revealing but at the same time it doesn’t make me look frumpy. It comes to just above my stubby knees as well, I’m 5’3 which may help you work out where it’ll come to on you. I added my Yours Clothing (Discount Code: BLOGGER3 for £10 off £20+ Orders!) belt to bring me in a little more and to break up the colour. I have to have a belt with everything.

boohoo plus size dresses Ashley Lace Skater Dress and ella floral belted skater dress

Attempting to come to terms that it is in fact now Spring, I decided to buy a floral dress. The Ella Floral Belted Skater Dress was only available in a 20, or maybe the lace dress was only in a 22, either way, different sizes, makes it far easier to compare. It really paid off as well, as this 20 feels incredibly tiny, more like an 18. You can definitely see the dress pulling more than it should as I’ve got a white bra on and flash. It’s a much thicker material than I expected, which could account for the smaller fitting. But it can’t account for the tiny belt that I nearly had to cut myself out off. Slight exaggeration, BUT it is super tiny for a 20 dress and I’ll definitely not be wearing the belt out. The scoop neck is also a little higher, making it perfect for day wear. I quite like the print as it’s still on black, meaning I don’t feel like a massive pastel, floral blob. Can you tell I love spring trends?

ella floral belted skater dress

The dress is a perfect length of just above my knee, and I imagine the heavy material would prevent it from blowing up everywhere outside. Heaven forbid anyone would see my leggings underneath.

Verdict: I’m quite impressed, they’ve actually thought about what a Plus Size person would wear, instead of the usual of just making a smaller styled dress bigger and unflattering. I would definitely recommend looking at the materials used and possibly sizing up just to be on the safe side.

Disclaimer: I did pay for these out of my own pennies, using the excuse ‘it’s for the blog’.