Boohoo Plus Skater Dress

Last month I spotted the most gorgeous white cardigan ever from Boohoo Plus and immediately knew that I needed it in my life. Not wanting to waste a rare occasion of not finding a promotion on free shipping, I decided to make it worth my while and order a dress too. Being a Plus Size Blogger means that I’m well aware of shapes and colours that suit my shape and the skater dress is definitely something that I favour. This Taylor Plain Belted Skater Dress is unfortunately now out of stock due to me having way too many posts to publish lately, but Boohoo Plus often has skater dresses of the similar shape and sizing. This beautiful wine colour is not something that I have opted to try before. It does look a little more Autumn to me, and seen as my legs almost never come out, it’s definitely going to get more wear come the colder months. It’s also quite a thick material and is an amazing quality. It’s similar to my Boohoo Plus Floral Skater Dress that I reviewed a couple months ago, except I sized up this time (which I would definitely recommend) and bought a 22, which meant the size is now perfect.
Boohoo Plus Skater Dress, Georgina Grogan, She Might Be Loved, Plus Size

You may have noticed the same curls and lipstick from the last couple of my outfit posts as my lovely mum and I spent a couple hours shooting all my latest fashion posts. We’re unfortunately at the end of all of the outfits from that day, but there’s plenty more coming up!

This Boohoo Plus Skater Dress was only £12 which is an absolute bargain. Boohoo normally have a discount voucher hiding around the internet somewhere so it’s always worth checking out, especially Voucher Codes as that’s my all time favourite. As always I teamed the dress with my own waist belt instead of the ridiculously thin one that comes with most skater dresses. This is an XL from Yours Clothing and has done pretty well with not completely losing it’s elastic over time (it’s only around 6 months old). I also have on my trusted Evan’s leggings and Dorothy Perkins Ankle Boots to attempt to lengthen my short stubs for legs.

Boohoo Plus cater for everyone from a 16-24 and despite being a little disappointed over their sizing in my last review of them, (which you can read here), I’m rather happy now I’ve found my perfect size and I’ll definitely be ordering again!