Bold, Bright, & Beautiful with Newlook Curves

I’ve been struggling a lot lately, not so much with work or She Might Be Magazine, because both of them are thankfully on fire, but with how I present myself. Or rather, how I haven’t been this well dressed/pressed all month. It’s been a slow start to the year for me, I seem to be having constant chronic pain flare ups, but I’m hoping this incredibly bright and bold outfit might make up for it. I mean I look like a walking happy rainbow, but I’m really feeling it. Plus with the amount of compliments I got at The Blog Squad event (where I did a talk on Working With Brands) it turns out bright is quite the hit!

As soon as this Curves Yellow Floral Print Kimono went live onto the Newlook site I was all over it. I knew I would want a more fitted look, as I never close cardigans/jackets, I just have them to add to the outfit of an outfit rather than cover anything up. I asked for a 20 as that’s the smallest size I seem to be OK in lately but this is definitely roomy, I could have easily wore an 18 and had the look I desire more. The material is so lightweight, airy, and comfortable. At £24.99 it’s such a great price and I can see this being a firm favourite in my wardrobe! If you want it you need to move fast as there’s only a few select sizes left, hopefully it’ll be one of those styles that they restock!

newlook curves, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved newlook curves, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved

The vest is one of my firm favourites too and it’s also from Newlook but it’s definitely not in stock anymore. There are tonnes of tops like this around, plus you can DIY a similar style with a harness bra (my go to is Vixen Curves). I absolutely love laced up tops as my boobs are my favourite asset and I hate covering them up. Although I probably should cover some of them up,  *cheeky flash of my first Daily Dream Bra from Curvy Kate!* 

I will add that being head to toe in Newlook was completely unintentional, my original outfit was a black off shoulder dress from Quiz and this jacket, but that dress was a DISASTER (more on that another time) so I just jumped at colour instead. The skirt is something that I’ve had my eye on for a while as it’s been in stock in SO many different colours, white, black, navy and now this daring red. The Curves Red Stripe Mesh Midi Skater Skirt at £27.99 is really surprising, it looks super bulky and heavy, but it’s actually really airy and lightweight too. That’s a sheer layer on top and there’s only a very thin underskirt which means there’s no overheating at all, as the thought of baking is what has previously stopped me from buying this style. Sure it does flare out, but that’s the look and you just have to embrace it! The band is a little thick but as long as you stick to your size, it’s very comfortable, I’m wearing a 22 here and it’s perfect.

Finally I picked out this super cute Gold Metallic Embossed Leaf Shopper Bag (£19.99) which is actually for my holiday but I was already wearing so many colours that a splash of metallic didn’t bother me at all. I always go to Newlook for my bags and I have done for years, they last for so long and they always have the latest trends and cute styles. I can’t wait to see how bright this bag looks against Spanish sun.

newlook curves, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved newlook curves, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved

It’s no secret that Newlook Curves doesn’t have the most shoppable plus size collection (they’re currently stocking a bubble hem top I had when I was about 12), but I look on the website daily for those key, trendy, and stylish pieces that they do bring out, and I always have to have them. I’m really happy with this outfit, I think it was a great way to try and start my comeback to fashion blogging too!

What do you think? Do you love bold and bright outfits?

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  • hayley aston

    The whole outfit is fabulous! Definitely a good way to make your comeback. I’m going to give bright colours a try and move away from the black and grey!

  • This outfit is beautiful!!! I was only saying the other day that I thought I wore a lot of colour until I colour coded my wardrobe to find that it’s lots of shades of black white grey dark blue and dark green most of the time! I need to do better haha

  • Leanne

    love how colourful and summery this outfit is, suits you fabulously x