Bodycare Roundup

I’m actually really happy with all the body care products I’ve been using and trying out lately, which is rare for me. Normally I have something negative or not as impressive to say about products but not this time…..

I thought I’d start off with the Dorco EVE 6, Dorco’s first UK razor for women. It’s a subscription service where for £5.45 a month you get 4 unique 3 double blades, coated in aloe vera and lavender, as well as a handle. I’ve previously reviewed a subscription service and I loved it until I realised how low quality the razor actually was, this isn’t the case with Dorco. The double blade design makes for a much smoother, faster, and efficient shave. I am actually subscribed because after just a few uses, I fully believe this is the razor for me!

Dorco EVE 6 Ferne Gradual Tan

I am not a huge tanner but I still like to try them, I know, it doesn’t make sense but with being so pale I like to see if they are actually going to turn me a nice colour, or tango me. Ferne Gradual Tan at £11.99, did a little of both. It was fairly natural but it depends on what you class as an orange tint, I think I could have got away with it all over my body but I wouldn’t try it fully just in case. I love that this range doesn’t smell dreadful at all too. It didn’t last as long as I thought it would but I didn’t exactly prep my skin or apply it properly, I just try them on my thigh for a colour verdict. The Ferne Natural Bronzing Mousse is £15.99, much better for us pale people who might want a slow change.

Cocoa Brown at £7.99 is a tan that I can actually use and I have done in the past. It doesn’t smell, it goes a wonderful shade on someone even as pale as me. You do have to prep yourself to get the best results, and you can do that by using their Tough Stuff at £5.99, it is hands down the best body scrub ever and I am forever obsessed with it. The new Golden Goddess by Cocoa Brown is heavenly but you definitely have to be the right shade for it, this looks incredible on my mum as she isn’t as pale as I am.

Cocoa Brown

That’s So Suncare really impressed me this Summer. I absolutely adore the smell of it and how fast the All In One – 5 Actions After Sun (£18) works. It’s a 5 action formula which means it reduces the redness of sunburn, defends and protects, as well as repairs and hydrates. My brother and his girlfriend actually took these on holiday as we had quite a bit left when the sun disappeared and they loved them. The All In One 5 Actions Progressive SPF is very interesting as it can act as a SPF20, 30 or 50 depending on what your skin needs. There’s also MELANUP+™ in both of the products which helps to stimulate your melanin to produce a natural tan. Much safer than some alternatives. Plus the packaging is awesome, very eye-catching and easy to find in a bag.

Hempz Vanilla Plum Sugar Body Scrub at £8 has been my favourite nearly-every-day body scrub lately. I love harsh scrubs but I can’t, and nobody should, use them everyday. So I’ve been using this one which has 100% pure hemp seed oil in it, leaving that oily, silky feeling behind after every use. Perfect so you don’t have to worry that your skin isn’t hydrated enough.

that's so pure sun Hempz Vanilla Plum Sugar Body Scrub

Nail time and Roxanne Campbell really has impressed me, just look how incredible my nails look!? Wine & Dine at £10.00 truly is one of the most perfect red nail varnishes I’ve ever owned.
Equally as impressive is the varnishes from Morgan Taylor Sweetheart Squadron Collection £10.99 at Sally Express.  I’m only ever going to wear the dark berry colour but what a colour it is. Equally as good quality to Roxanne and another perfect addition to my red nail varnish collection. I’ve also got the React Base Coat at £12.95 and the React Top Coat at the same price, both are meant to help the varnish last up to 10 days by working together to prime, hydrate and then protect the varnish. I really need to give these a longer try but I find that none of my varnish really chips anymore as I don’t tend to lift/move the normal objects that would cause chipping due to my back pain.

Roxanne CampbellMorgan Taylor Sweetheart Squadron Collection

The Simply Argan Coffee and Argan Oil Scrub with Coconut Oil and Vanilla at £9.50 is the best coffee scrub I’ve tried and Alfie agrees completely. We’ve had a lot in the bathroom as I really do like them, I think they’re a fantastic idea, they work incredibly well and I love the smell. This one didn’t have that overly oily feel after it, and felt a lot more intense than others that I’ve tried. The price range is spot on for what I would pay for it and overall I just think it’s a fantastic product!

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré at £20.00 is just a pure essential. I first found out about this brand when I was getting my makeup artist kit ready and bought it as it can be used on so many different skin types and has ingredients in it that help with irritations like shaving. MUAs use it as a primer, moisturiser and makeup remover. You can use it all over your body if you want (we have a bigger tub for that) and it’s pretty much just the bees knees of skincare. It’s something everyone should try out.

Olverum Bath Oil at £26 for 125ml is pure luxury. I really should have added it into my Christmas Gift Guide but I wasn’t fast enough. It’s so highly concentrated that only half a capful, a mere 5ml, is needed in every bath, how crazy is that? It’s the least oily bath oil I’ve ever had and I love that about it. The smell is incredible, it smells like pure relaxation. There’s lavender, lime, juniper, lemon, rosemary and so many more essential oils in this. It’s truly beautiful.

Antipodes Joyful Hand & Body Cream at £28.99 is for those who want something antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibacterial. It helps with dry skin, sore muscles, stretch marks, bruises, rashes and more. It does a lot. It has even been proven to ‘stimulate synthesis of Type III collagen in human skin cells by more than 95%’ which means it might be a great cream to use on your necks/chest. Anywhere that usually ages a little faster than other places. It is 100% natural too. I do love Antipodes and gosh is this cream impressive. I usually just have their skincare so this was a real treat to try out.
Simply Argan Coffee and Argan Oil Scrubbodycare roundup

All the bodycare! Which products stood out for you?



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