Blogging is Thirsty Work! Life Tonics, Ginger & Co and Scarlett & Jo!

I’m not one for loving canvas bags, mainly because I always carry too much and it spills out when I put them down anyway. However, seen as my muscles are pretty much gone (I’m obviously exaggerating, they’re just weak), I can’t carry much at all anymore, so I really loved having this ‘Blogging is Thirsty Work’ bag come through the door containing some Life Tonics and Ginger & Co products.


Ginger & Co has been on my blog before, they’re the budget version of Soap and Glory with the same sort of vintage, fun packaging and incredible quality products at seriously affordable prices. I just love using their bath products and then smothering myself in their beautifully smelling creams afterwards. They’re always on my shelf and even in my kitchen cupboard in case I can’t be bothered to walk upstairs for them!


Life tonics, Ginger & Co
I took this bag with me during my trip to London when we visited IMATS, Lush and then on our last day, headed to Scarlett & Jo. I’ve wanted to head to Scarlett & Jo headquarters since first meeting Gifi after winning at the Plus Size Awards last year (quick plug, I’m up for 3 awards this year, please go vote for me!) It was everything I was expecting and more. A complete archive of every pint his company has ever used, Scarlett & Jo galore with past collections, current and future designs laid out for me to try on and play with. It was quite a hectic day too as it was just before Style XL and Gifi didn’t realise he could have more people than just me on the catwalk (plus the thought terrified me!), which meant I spent most of the day tracking down the perfect people to wear the new collection and then matched them up with dresses.

Scarlett & Jo


Obviously, whilst trying on pretty much 99.9% of the latest collection and hinting at subtle changes to make them even better! If the certain dress does come out that I suggested to make longer, I will totally shout from the rooftops as it is utterly beautiful. Anyway, between all the dresses from the new collection, sorting the catwalk and altering my runway dress, we also had time to talk about what I’d be wearing to the Plus Size Awards this year. Well, I haven’t actually set any plans in place if I am actually attending yet, as the event is lovely, but London is seriously expensive (as are the awards…) My original dress for the awards is very similar to the Kiyonna I wore last year, except this one is Velvet, Lace and has a side split. If I was a dress, I would be this dress. But being so involved in fashion now, it means that I know I have to wear something completely different to last year, so we got to work on that…..



Anyway, the point of mentioning Scarlett & Jo was to show off this beautiful dress that I wore whilst visiting them, as I thought it’d be polite to wear something by them, and it’s a super beautiful dress. The Navy Blue 2 In 1 Prom Dress is now £50 reduced from £65 and is probably one of the easiest dresses to wear ever. The top half is super stretchy and really accommodating for a smaller or bigger bust than mine, the arms are a really comfortable length, but the material isn’t too thick so that it bakes you in the Summer.


Scarlett & Jo
It has a built in waist belt which means you don’t need to add one, and a tiny little bit of a petticoat for extra puff. Standing at 5’3 makes it a perfect dress to ditch the leggings without a care in the world. The photos aren’t the best in the world as they were taken on our phones to be used on Instagram, but I don’t really have any proper quality ones as every time I wear this dress, I’m always rushing off somewhere.



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