Blanx Teeth Whitening

When I first posted a photo of this package of Blanx Teeth Whitening products there was a very divided reaction. My Friend Ryan, who actually averages at around 1/2 on the teeth whitening scale (seriously white teeth), told me that Blanx was an amazing brand and that I would love it. However, people on my Instagram did not feel the same.
I have now been using an array of Blanx products for a good 2-3 weeks solidly and there’s no denying a difference. For someone who longs for white teeth, but it is far from reality, I am keen to get my hands on anything to do with whitening them. (There’s actually a lot of different products coming up too!) This means that before I use anything, I do have to do my background. I found out that with Blanx it’s actually recommend by a lot of people to brush your teeth three times a day, a little difficult to get into when you’ve had it drilled into your mind that it’s two.
Blanx Teeth Whitening Review
Blanx use a ‘innovative formula’ which is protected by two international patents, which already sounds pretty impressive. In my bundle there were quite a few things that stood out for me, including the BLANX WHITE SHOCK WITH LED ACCELERATOR.
Described as ‘the only toothpaste in the world that actively whitens your teeth when you smile’ as it ingredients inside react to light to naturally whiten them. This toothpaste comes with a LED accelerator which is basically a little attachment on the end of your toothpaste that lights up.
You can buy it alone for £4.99 or with the attachment for £7.49
The LED Bite at £14.99, is for a very intense whitening treatment, you can leave it on for up to 10 minutes. This was probably my favourite product as it was really easy to use and you can definitely see a different after using it.
Blanx Teeth Whitening Review
This mouthwash, at £4.99, is pretty full on, in the sense that you do cry a little with how strong it is. Probably my least favourite product as it was very overpowering, but if you can handle it, it definitely helps to whiten your teeth.
Another product I thoroughly enjoyed for how easy it is to use. You simple apply the product directly onto your teeth and leave for 15 minutes before brushes the rest away. For best results you should use it twice a day! As it’s pretty new I couldn’t find the price, but it’s definitely a product to pick up.
Blanx Teeth Whitening Review
Blanx is stocked at Boots, Superdrug, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose.
You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, and on Youtube where their latest video is featuring Cassie Lomas creating a makeup look that I don’t actually hate called, Party season beauty tips HD
Blanx are also giving me the entire set of product featured above to give away to one lucky winner! The Giveaway is open to the UK only and will last for one month. Good luck!
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