Birthday Trip to York

Another Birthday event of mine was a trip to York. It has always been one of my favourite places to visit, however I had never got the chance to spend a full day there, so I booked a night away. Cat, my friend from work, came with me. We stayed at the Ibis hotel, just outside of the city centre, which is a budget hotel. Sometimes with cheap stays you get what you pay for, after reading the reviews online I found out that there’s a small chance I wouldn’t like the room. Unfortunately, we did get one of the disappointing rooms which instantly made us feel uncomfortable. Ibis have a 15 minute policy to fix any problem or your stay is on them, after debating whether or not we should complain, I rang reception and we got moved into one of the newer rooms. Now we didn’t take pictures as we were too horrified but the newer room was much better, however it still wasn’t an average hotel.

York is an absolutely beautiful city and I took quite a lot of photos but these ones are my favourites.


In the famous Shambles there is a lovely little shop called the Fudge Kitchen. As I wasn’t feeling too well I thought I should buy myself something to cheer up, fudge was a brilliant idea. I ended up getting a box of four, I couldn’t resist. It’s the softest, most gorgeous tasting fudge ever. As you can imagine it’s pretty sickly but this fudge, when not around me, can last up to 3 weeks and it’s handmade right in front of customers throughout the day. I will definitely be placing an order online for Christmas.

fudge kitchen york
On the first day we ran to York Dungeons which was absolutely brilliant, I was completely terrified and practically crying. I had been years ago but since then it’s changed quite a lot and is a lot more jumpy.
york dungeons

Cat and I both felt unwell and sometimes had to force ourselves to take photos, obviously for the teddy bear no persuasion was needed.


Cat bought me a princess tiara and shot glasses. We also went to a shop called Vom Fass where you can pick from lots of different shaped bottles and different alcohol or oils to fill up the bottle as a present and write a message on it. I choose peach vodka and seen as it was a present to myself, the very polite sales assistant suggested I had ‘if you’re staring at me and you’re not me, PUT IT DOWN’, wrote on it. I loved this idea. It’s a fantastic idea for presents and if you take the bottle back then you only have to pay for the drink to refill!

19th birthday

Finally, in the Shambles there’s the most gorgeous trinket/gift shop ever. It’s called Saffrons of York and contains the most beautiful items which could easily transform a house into a home or even make the perfect present. The first day we went down and had a little look around, for an hour, just to see what we liked. The next day we were even longer going through absolutely everything. The man who works there is absolutely lovely, he has such a kind personality and is so modest when customers compliment his shop. He knows the shop inside and out so he’s extremely helpful in finding something that is right for you. I ended up getting several presents for myself, of course, and my family, even a little something for Rachel and Keisha. Not everything is photographed as my Mum is my blog’s number 1 fan so I don’t want to reveal anything too early.