BirchBox July 2013. My first box!

I’ve been seeing this around a lot lately and thought it was a brilliant way to stay up-to-date with new beauty products and try things I normally wouldn’t even think of! For £10 a month (Plus P&P) you’re sent several different items, some full size and others just samples of products. I knew the box was worth it when I read the list of things inside. Most people have decided to individually review all the items inside, but I thought I would get it all done in one post with my initial thoughts and after wearing them for a while.
july 2013 birchbox
The first product is a French cream called Blanc Cachemire that retails at £54.75 for a full size pot. This is only a sample bottle (the white cream on my hand) and it very luxurious. It has a very subtle pleasant smell, I can’t quite pinpoint it. The texture of it isn’t too heavy and it seems to sink in fairly quickly. I have it on underneath my makeup on the middle picture. Normally my mum makes comments about my face looking ‘too dry’, but after using this cream (and maybe because I’m sweating to death in this heat) I look far more moisturised and my skin feels very soft. Overall it’s a pretty lovely cream, but with it’s price tag, I really don’t think it’s worth it.
Secondly, we have the green tube which is Weleda skin food and it retails at £8.95 and is a yellowy consistency, when first opening it the liquid inside seems to be separated and had a clear liquid around it. It smelt very strongly of lemons, but when I rubbed it into my hands to put on my face, the smell was almost chemically which really put me off. I did put some on my face to sleep in, and shockingly despite it’s very heavy consistency, it didn’t make my face oilier than usual. However, I really didn’t like this product and I doubt I’ll be using it again.
The next product is from the Balm Cosmetics stain blusher which retails at £21.50, it is absolutely tiny but being a powder it means you’ll still be able to get lots of uses out of it. The blusher can be seen in the middle picture. It’s a very pinky tone which is great for summer, but it takes quite a few layers to get an even coverage. Which I’m not used to with blushers, normally they just go straight on. When I tried some on my hand it came out an orange colour, so I decided it was better to put it on properly. Again with the price of this item, I doubt it’d ever purchase it. But it was lovely to try.
Next up is the Laura Geller gel eyeliner in purple, this was a full size one and is tiny for the £24.50 price tag! The leaflet said it also looks good smudged in, which is a lie. It changes colour completely and changes grey. The colour isn’t very vibrant at all, but it does glide on nicely. It comes with a little brush in the lid, it isn’t very pointy but it can still make a good line. I personally think they’re much better eyeliners on the market for a much smaller price than this. So I won’t be buying one. I did try to use it, but it just doesn’t stand out enough.
Laura Geller gel eyeliner in purple
HOWEVER, despite all these expensive products, there is the Beauty Protector leave in conditioner spray that helps smooth, protect and condition. It retails for £15 and smells absolutely gorgeous! I would buy it again just for the smell alone. As I washed my hair late last night, I thought I would try to not wash it again this morning as it was still wet, and just go straight to adding product and styling. I sprayed the Beauty Protector on and the aroma was beautiful, it left my hair feeling very soft and it actually styled with more volume, which is always a positive.
BirchBox July 2013
The last product included was a Chia shot, there was only 1 and it retails at £4.79 for a pack. I’m yet to use this as it has to be added to a yoghurt, smoothie or cereal. It doesn’t smell of much, just a subtle herb smell. It sounds very interesting as it contains vital things that the body needs, therefore there’s an entire range. Hopefully I’ll get round to trying this soon and I can update what I think.
If you’re a new blogger, or an older blogger, running out of things to review, or just wanting to try something different, I definitely recommend signing up to BirchBox. There are different types on the market, like Glossybox (which I actually might treat myself to one soon to see how they compare), but the others beauty boxes on the market, after looking at the brands, don’t collaborate with many companies, and certainly none that I recognise. Next month BirchBox is teaming up with InStyle so I’m really excited for that!
Have you tried any of the beauty boxes yet?