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I first discovered Red Cherry Lashes in 2014 on False Eyelashes and I’ve not looked back. Seriously, that long! I always check my Twitter and ever since then, I’ve talked about these lashes so much it’s slightly obsessive, and I’ve always bought them from the same place because it has always been the best for price, discounts, and first class next day FREE delivery. I mean, what more could you ever want? I’ve never had an issue with my lashes or delivery, which means I never actually talked to any of the staff at until they started working with bloggers. It’s honestly one of my favourite things to be a customer somewhere and then eventually work with them via my blog. Mainly because you already love the company and then when you get to talk to the people behind it, it’s just such a lovely feeling.

The team at False Eyelashes are amazing, they’ve really gone from strength to strength over the 3 years I’ve shopped with them. They have continued to provide the best brands, and stocking more and more incredible brands as the years went on. They now even show how the lashes look on which I think it’s such an important and convenient thing to do. I’ve been able to shop a lot easier and feeling more at ease when picking new styles out. They consistently have the best prices and discounts for new and existing customers, and overall their website is just a breeze to use. The first class free shipping is seriously attractive when lash shopping, I haven’t actually bought from anywhere else in 3 years. The thought of waiting more than 2 days for my lashes is too much.

False Eyelashes

Not only have I been shopping at the same place for 3 years, but I’ve also been buying the SAME STYLE,Red Cherry Lashes Style #43 (Stevi) – £3.99. They’re just the perfect shape for what I want to achieve, and because I have small eyes. I don’t love lots of volume or darkness towards the front of my eyes, I feel like these are a bit ‘drunk’ eyes, you know the kind, when you’re literally that drunk your eyes start to close, ha! Everytime I’ve had lash extensions I just end up looking drunk because they’re too heavy at the front and close my eyes off, I can’t stand the look at all. The Red Cherry Stevie 43s don’t have the front part, they start further down my lash line and therefore they really open up my eyes.

Depending on how I apply them, they may be slightly higher or lower, but I’ve actually recently started curling them when they’re off and when they’re on and this really adds and extra wow, and ensure your eyes look as open and wide as possible. I’ve even stuck to the same brand of eyelash glue too. You really don’t want to switch glues too much, especially if you find one that works as I’ve noticed one or two brands will actually make my eyes sting. I’m currently using the DUO Strip Lash Adhesive Clear Tone – £5.99 and it’s fantastic. I love the black drying DUO glues too, they’re great for adding a bit more depth too.

I’m not completely boring, I do branch out occasionally and try other lashes, my second favourites are the Red Cherry Lashes Style #523 (Sage) – £3.99. These have longer hairs in the center of the eyes going towards the ends and only smaller lashes at the front, it’s not a huge difference but it works well. If I go thicker on my eyeliner or simply just want a bolder lash, these are the ones I go for.

Occasionally I do try other styles for blog photos and outfit photos, but I’ve never found anything I love enough to actually start buying more of. I really have enjoyed using several pairs of Peaches and Cream lashes, the  Style No. 19 at £6.50 are super pretty. But not pretty enough to tempt me, plus with the price comparison, Red Cherry lashes are so affordable! That’s what I really love about, they cater to everyone’s budgets too and have lashes ranging from a couple pounds, up to the £20+ mark! You can see a past review where I battle it off between Red Cherry and a most expensive brand too.

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  1. 17th September 2017 / 7:41 pm

    Well, I never knew you could get lashes with free next day delivery. Not that I’ve ever been in that much of an emergency for false lashes – but you never know lol!

    Mel ★