Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara.

When I first heard back from Benefit it was the night before I was going out with work and Keisha, I could either pay £5-£10 for a pair of lashes that I would most likely drunkenly throw anywhere in my house when I got back, or I could spend £19.50 on Benefit’s They’re Real mascara, which came with a free mini version. This would also mean that I turned up to the interview with something of theirs on, which looked far better than saying ‘I’ve got a 5 year old badgal eyeliner which I never use’.
Benefit's They're Real mascara

To find out if a mascara is good enough for my standards I have several tests,

1) Does it look good as a single layer? Yes, picture 4 shows that it does.
2) Can it be put on top of old mascara of a different brand? Shockingly yes, it brought my day old mascara (lazy night) back to like.
3) Can I apply more on top of it throughout the day? Yes but it’s not a good idea as it can flake.
4) Can I blowdry my eyelashes in between to make them longer? No, it’s better to blow dry on the last part of the application as otherwise it flakes mid application. (Wondering what blow dry means? See my ‘how to make your eyelashes look longer’ post.
5) Does it run under my eyes throughout the day? YES, VERY ANNOYED BY THIS.
This meant it passed most of my tests, I’ve received multiple compliments on it. The downside of the product flaking and running under my eyes, can be avoided and fixed, it’s just inconvenient for a £19.50 macara. I normally don’t go over £15, £10 unless it’s Max Factor so as disappointing this is, I will still be wearing it as it makes my eyelashes massive.
Picture 1 and 2 show my bare eyelashes, and then them curled. Picture 4 is one layer, picture 5 is 2 layers and picture 6 is 3 layers, blow dried and a finishing layer to make everything even. Overall I’m happy with the mascara but I won’t be repurchasing. But I would like to praise Benefit for using the correct grammar, as you often don’t see that with brand names.
Benefit's They're Real mascara
Here’s what my lashes looked like on the night out, only using They’re Real…
Benefit's They're Real mascara
Have you guys tried their best selling mascara, what do you think?