#BeautyHasNoAge – Merumaya – Maleka Dattu


This is a guest post by Maleka Dattu. Creator & Director of  MERUMAYA®.

You’re 13.  Waking up in the morning, you’re horrified to find new acne on your face.  What will people at school say?  Will they laugh?  Is it too early to start wearing foundation?

You’re 20.  Walking past a local newsagent, you cringe at the sight of Kim Kardashian’s contoured face splashed across yet another magazine cover.  When did she replace Paris Hilton as the new “it girl”, anyway?  And how are you supposed to get a dome-shaped derrière like that?

You’re 30.  Your co-worker keeps recommending this new miracle diet – this one really works, she says.  Should you actually take it up soon, you wonder?  Before you grow older and supposedly lose any chance of being “hot”?

If the picture I just painted for you perfectly illustrates how you’ve felt growing up, join the club.  But here’s the thing – it’s a club that shouldn’t even exist.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of the way we women negatively treat ourselves all the time.  The mentality that we have about our own and others’ beauty – which we carry with us throughout our lives – is just so incredibly damaging.  Frankly, it needs to stop.  Now.  That’s why #beautyhasnoage is so important.


#beautyhasnoage is a mission to unite every woman who has ever felt insecure about the way she looks, in support of one another.  It’s about recognising that we all have unique beauty, and learning to feel confident through all the external (and internal) influences that we face every day.  I want women everywhere to positively take back control for how we feel about ourselves – to revel in the liberation of making our own informed choices, to feel beautiful at every age and pursue our dreams at any age.  

After 30 years in corporate beauty, when decisions did not always seem customer-centric to me, I took the leap from employment to entrepreneur.  I created MERUMAYA® which is an evidence-based skincare brand, all about you, feeling confident about the way you look at every age.  It’s a platform to drive the #beautyhasnoage mission, by being inclusive of every woman – from teens to 90’s+!  See, #beautyhasnoage is also about taking care of yourself and your skin – it’s never too early or too late to do so.  We champion the positive goal of youthful ageing rather than the negativity of anti-ageing, and products like the Iconic Youth Serum™ and Melting Cleansing Balm™ deliver on that.

And once you have cared for your skin, it’s about looking in the mirror, giving yourself a nod of approval and getting out there to live life to the full.

If this message resonates with you on any level, please don’t be a bystander.  Join the mission to spread this important message.  As little or as much as you feel comfortable with, please:

  • Use the #beautyhasnoage hashtag on your social platforms
  • Send us a photo holding a #beautyhasnoage placard
  • Make a 30-60 second video (on your phone is fine), telling us what #beautyhasnoage means to you. Here is an example from a customer.

Send photos and videos to digital@merumaya.com and we will include them in the #beautyhasnoage gallery on our website.

Big thanks to Georgina for allowing me to write this guest blog post, to address you.  And thanks to YOU, in advance, for joining this mission that is resonating with women far and wide.

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