Beauty Lab’s Collagen Lip Plump and Micropolish!

I really struggling to find a decent facial scrub for my face that I can use weekly or even a couple of times a week. I often end up just scrubbing once every couple of weeks with my micro delivery resurfacing peel from Philosophy, which is beyond amazing (I NEED to do a full post on it someday) anyway, so I was really excited to be sent this Micropolish Dermabrasion at £45 from Beauty Lab. Obviously with the name I thought it would be similar to my peel at least with the consistency and strength of the exfoliation but it’s the complete opposite and very disappointing. You can barely feel any exfoliation at all but it’s a really creamy, luxurious and contains fancy quartz and gold dust for a very, extremely gentle/non-existent polish. It also contains glyco-peel that helps with cell renewal, basically removing dead skin cells, improving circulation and making way for new ones to brighten the skin. In theory it sounds amazing, but it’s not wowed me or anything, my face is still bumpy, uneven and in need of an exfoliator. Definitely not worth £45 and definitely not at all what I wanted, expected or even enjoyed using. Major sad face.
Beauty Lab review Beauty Lab review
HOWEVER, it’s not all doom and gloom because the Beauty Lab’s Tripeptide Collagen Lip Plump at £15 is a little star. Quick little run down on collagen one more time for the people that’d rather ask ONE uneducated skincare ‘expert’ and deem my reviews on collagen BS… Collagen cannot enter the skin via creams, serums, masks or ANYTHING and join up with the collagen already beneath your epidermis. The collagen particles are too big, no matter what a company says and therefore they just sit on top of the skin. Which isn’t always a bad thing because they can plump out fine lines and wrinkles but they will NOT penetrate your epidermis and reach your inner collagen, BUT on your lips? The particles can actually get through. Which means collagen plumping lip creams/glosses/serums actually DO work. I have checked this with actual skincare experts like the owner of Merumaya and Nikki Taylor, after doing basic reading and finding out all about collagen for myself, it’s fascinating.

Anyway, my little pop over. This lip plumping cream is packed with collagen tripeptide technology which make your lips fuller, reduce fine line protect against UV. It also works by stimulating the circulation so more blood comes to the lips and makes them bigger, fuller, which is why there’s a little tingling sensation after you apply it. It soon goes and it’s nothing extreme like some products where they make you feel as if your lips are burning off. I’m really impressed with it, I’ve used it several times as I suffer from uneven lips so I normally apply it on my top lip to try and even myself out, plus £15 is a bargain.

Be sure to check out the range of products on Beauty Lab‘s website!



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