Be At One Sheffield Cocktail Bar – The HOTTEST New Bar in Sheffield!

Be At One Sheffield Cocktail Bar

Be At One Sheffield Cocktail bar is quite honestly the most impressive cocktail bar I’ve ever been to and it’s certainly what Sheffield was desperately missing. It’s their second Northern Venue and it’s located at 176 Devonshire Street, just opposite Vodka Revolution at West One to make it easier for fellow alcohol drinkers in Sheffield. It’s the perfect location just off West Street and it has such an incredible vibe. After a drinking session with my old friend we ended up peeking into the unopened bar’s windows and got invited in for a little look around, impressed already, we knew this would be our new favourite cocktail place. After chatting I found out it was the same place that my friend Lucy had asked if I was going to just hours before, talk about a coincidence! After chatting we were invited along to the VIP Launch Night and despite having one of the worst colds of my life, I dolled myself up and invited along the parents and Alfie for a treat night, initially we thought we’d be having £5 cocktails all night, but instead we were presented with god-like wrist bands which opened up the entire list of 150 cocktails for free. This blogging lark is becoming seriously hard work….for my liver.

Being a self-proclaimed cocktail expert, with my special area being WooWoos, I obviously took it upon myself to try out far too many drinks, trying things that I never imagined I would like too. The staff at Be At One Sheffield are like no others I’ve ever seen, they’ve undergone training for the last 2 months and it seriously does show. Not only that but they’ve clearly found the most bubbliest and friendliest people in Sheffield as all the staff are attentive, with cracking personalities and a top sense of humour. Asking for two Screaming Orgasms for my parents could come across as awkward in most social situations, however, it started the night off perfectly and definitely set the tone. My first drink, obviously a WooWoo, was undoubtedly the best I’ve had and I’ve had a lot. The barman pictured below is actually the gentleman that had me laughing out loud over screaming orgasms, remade a drink for me ‘because it wasn’t good enough’ and made the first WooWoo. I did wonder if it was just his magical mixing powers, but I can confirm that after several from different members of staff (I like to do my research properly) they’re all of the same level and skill set. A definite highlight of the night was when everyone in the bar starting singing and dancing to the incredible playlist of classic hits, this bar literally has everything you’d want or need, including cocktail making classes which you can book all year round!

Be At One Sheffield opens up at a respectable 4:30pm on weekends and a much more GG friendly 2pm on a weekend, they even have a daily happy hour on over 150 cocktails, PLUS if you download their app there’s an extra happy hour that you can activate and a special £5 cocktail available everyday! Obviously I now have the app for emergencies. According to the website happy hour is all day on Sundays, but I will research this personally and get back to you all….

Cocktails you MUST try include:
Pornstar Martini
Candy Pants
Irish Disco Biscuit
Whiskey Sour

Pictures are all courtesy of Be At One and were photographed by Glenn Ashley.

Be At One Sheffield Be At One Sheffield Be At One Sheffield Be At One Sheffield


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