The Battle to Keeping Red Hair, Red, With Maria Nila and Andrew Barton!

It truly is a battle. One day you have beautifully, freshly coloured red hair and the next? Ginger, or even sometimes for a real treat, brown. If you use the wrong products on dyed hair, you may as well just throw the money away that paid for your dye instead. It is beyond important to use the right products when it comes to the battle of keeping red hair, and more out there colours like blue etc. What I want to talk about today is if you always need to invest so much in colour protecting products, or can you use more affordable brands?
Andrew Barton Protect My Colour Collection, Keeping Red Hair
Well, I’ve been trying out Andrew Barton in the last few months and I was really beyond impressed with it. The Andrew Barton Protect My Colour Collection is rather new and is formulated with Argan Oil and protective UV filters to shield hair from everyday sun, which can unfortunately fade your colour. I noticed that when using the Andrew Barton Protect My Colour Shampoo at £2.50 250ml, that it foamed up quite a lot but there wasn’t as much immediate colour loss as when I use other brands. I’ve also noticed that when I use this shampoo my hair actually dries faster and does dry out a little, but still looks glossy and shiny. The Andrew Barton Protect My Colour Conditioner at the same price, didn’t do anything out of the ordinary but just complimented the shampoo nicely. Nothing too heavy, or too light and it didn’t pull out too much colour either, but nothing to rave on about.


I’ve also been trying out the Andrew Barton Protect My Colour Mask at £2.50, which is to be used in-between of shampooing and conditioning as an extra treat for the hair. Probably because the shampoo is quite drying too. You only need a ‘walnut-sized amount’ and simply massage it into the ends of your hair, leave for a few minutes and wash off! Finally, there’s also the Andrew Barton Protect My Colour Heat Spray at £2.50, if you want that added protection whilst styling and like heat sprays. These are all currently on offer at Asda, so the price may change soon and be a little more!


Overall, I was really happy with Andrew Barton and I did actually think it was going to be in the £10 a bottle price range, so that was a lovely surprise to find out. However, Maria Nila is something that I’ve tried before and absolutely loved, I mean like obsess over, so for me, I would definitely invest in my hair. The Maria Nila range is incredible. I’ve previously tried the Colour Refresh in a darker red, but this time I got the chance to try out Pink Pop at €29.00 for 300ml. These masks are absolutely incredible and are pigmented enough to actually dye your hair if that’s what you wanted. They’re meant to be used on towel dried hair for 3-10minutes, but I like to use them on dry hair and leave them for a couple hours. I find that the colour lasts a lot longer and has amazing, nourishing and glossy results.
Maria Nila luminous Colour, Keeping Red Hair


The Luminous Colour: Shampoo (€23 for 350ml) and Luminous Colour: Conditioner (€23 for 300ml) are by far one of the best combinations of shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever tried. Just like Andrew Barton, it does have UV filters but as well as that it has a Colour Guard Complex which helps with washing and heat styling. These strengthen your hair and are completely free of sulphates, which as most people know, aren’t amazing for red hair. The conditioner is beyond luxurious and I do find myself hiding it away in the bathroom, with the same principles as the shampoo but just so much more moisturising and nourishing. I’m quite lucky with dyeing my hair with semi-permanent (Crazy Colour Vermillion Red to be specific) as it means they’re already quite moisturising and not as harsh, so my hair really isn’t that damaged to say how often I dye it.
Color Mask Shampoo Red, Keeping Red Hair


To make it simple, they’re both really good brands. You’ll receive better results with Maria Nila definitely, but if you’re in a rush and can only get to Asda, Andrew Barton’s range is really good. For whatever shampoo you are using, I always recommend using one with a little bit of colour in there too. Sure you can mix them, but I love the simplicity of this Color Mask Shampoo Red (which looks to have change it’s packaging on Look Fantastic and retails are just £12.95). I can’t recommend this enough to all red shades for really boosting the colour when you don’t have time to fully dye it. Obviously as usual, if you want a stronger colour, leave it on longer and wash away. It cleans your hair whilst dyeing it, what more could you want? You do have to leave it on around 5-10 minutes for results, but I’ve left it on for a few minutes in an absolute rush and still had results.
Are you red, or have you been? What did you use?
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