Bathroom Luxuries with Calcot Manor and Merumaya

Have you ever had products in your bathroom that make you never want to leave? For the last couple weeks I have constantly just been walking into my bathroom just so I can wash my hands with the latest product from Merumaya and I haven’t been able to resist a bath without my new favourite bubble bath from Beauty at Tesco. Normally it’s hard to get me out of the bath as it is, but add extra bubbly products or something that smells utterly divine and it’s nearly impossible.


The Calcot Manor Indulgent Bath Gel at £5.99, creates a soft and extremely bubbly bath that is perfect at relieving tired and achy muscles. Which of course, my achy body loves! It is infused with ginger, plum and bergamot making it spicy but relaxing. It doesn’t leave much of a colour in the water but I quite like that in contrast with my usual brightly coloured baths. It’s available from Beauty at Tesco making it super easy to get hold of and quite affordable too if you don’t put in half a bottle, which I like to….
Calcot Manor
The Merumaya Confidensual HandWash at £12.50 has become my new obsession. I cannot get enough of washing my hands with it as the smell lasts for so long afterwards. Unlike a normal hand wash which dries your hand out afterwards, this one is so luxuriously moisturising whilst thoroughly cleansing your hands. Ensuring that your hands never feel dry and look beautifully cleansed. It contains the signature Merumaya blend which is the most beautiful smell you will ever encounter, I can’t quite place it though and of course, it’s a secret.
I’ve even tried it as a bubble bath as it is absolutely delightful, a little slippery so if you’re going to try it out beware!


Have you got any bathroom favourites?
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  1. pearsonlaurauk
    25th January 2015 / 4:19 pm

    That handwash sounds really nice x

    Laura | A
    Life With Frills