Base Formula.

January is normally the month where a lot of us will decide that we want to take care of ourselves more. Is there a better way than to take your skincare into your own hands? Recently my skincare has slipped from not rather ill, so I’ve really been looking into what is actually in my skincare products. Obviously working at Lush I know that everything is safe, but sometimes if I try other brands I’m left feeling rather guilty. However, all that has changed now that I stumbled across Base Formula on twitter.
Base Formula sell essential oils and the best pure products for aromatherapy purposes, you can buy smaller sizes or in bulk, which of course saves money. After looking through their website I immediately wanted to try everything. It all sounded so natural and beneficial for the skin as you can buy whatever ingredients to find a skincare routine that really suits your skin completely. 

After checking Base Formula out on Twitter I decided to get in contact with them, a selection not long after arrived in the post and I’m incredibly impressed. Firstly, I got the Aloe Vera and Seaweed Gel (from £5.50) this can be used on it’s own to moisturise the skin as both aloe vera and seaweed have softening and moisturising properties. It is also said to be good on cellulite! Another key ingredient, Carrageen Moss, which helps to pull all the nutrients down into the skin’s epidermis. Which is brilliant if you were to mix  it in with a clay to make a face mask, and that’s exactly what I did.
I mixed the gel with French Ultra Fine Green Clay (from £7.00). The clay tightens pores, clears the skin of impurities, and can even be mixed with just water or a Hydrolat water depending on what you wanted from your mask. For me I really wanted something that would help with my oily skin but not dry it out at the same time, so these two were the absolute perfect combination for me.
Hydrolat waters are basically toner waters that you can mix with cleansers, moisturisers and gels and clays depending on what you want to achieve. I got the Orange Flower (Neroli) Hydrolat and it smells absolutely beautiful, better than I could ever imagine. Neroli is fantastic for the skin as it is anti-ageing and suitable for every skin type. Finally, I received some expanding face clothes for a more moisturising facemask.

Above, you can see how to mix a facemask together using a clay and a gel, slightly more mixture was used as this  was to cover myself, Rachel as shown and my mum. It was lovely being able to work with the consistency and make up exactly the thickness that I wanted. We left them on for around 20 minutes and afterwards our faces felt absolutely amazing. It’s probably one of the best facemask I’ve ever used, and I’ve  had a lot now. I’ve been blown away by this brand and just how good it can make me skin look and feel, so much so that I’m actually buying different blends to cater for any of my possible needs!