Balance Rescue Face Wash Review

All of my skin care reviews seem to start with a different update of my skin, as that’s how drastically my skin actually changes. My skin ranges from producing enough oil to make a country rich, to my skin physically cracking from being so dry; and that’s just in the space of a month. Currently it’s ‘whatever it wants to be’ month and I’m getting a little tired of it. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re in a losing battle with your own skin. Recently, I got the chance to work with the lovely ladies over at Baobella to review a Yves Rocher mascara (which you can find here) and now I’m reviewing something that has been a little gem that has really stuck with me throughout this stressful month of disobedient skin, and for that reason I’ve actually made my way through the entire bottle already. Balance Rescue Face Wash, which if you can’t already tell, I’m pretty impressed by.

Balance Rescue Face Wash

This facial wash is a Coconut based formula which lathers slightly to help remove everything gently. It also contains Ginger Oil which is a powerful antiseptic and it fantastic for clearing the skin and reducing spots. As well as Aloe Vera which helps to stop the formula from drying out the skin, and keeps it at a lovely balance of cleansing but not stripping. Overall the ingredients aren’t bad and work wonderfully together. Balance Rescue Face Wash is an anti-blemish gel cleanser that can be used daily by brushing it onto the skin, or simply rubbing it and then washing it away. It removes EVERYTHING, stubborn makeup? No problem! It has been my absolute Savior for days when I want nothing more than my skin to feel clean. It’s perfect as it’s incredibly deeply cleansing, I don’t think I’ve ever felt cleaner. Although it’s made for normal/oily skin, I definitely think it’s better if you do have a lot of excess oils on the skin, as even on my oiliest days I sometimes feel a little dry. But other than that, I really don’t have anything bad to say against it. At £22 it is a little pricey but even if you just use it on days where you really want to make sure your skin is completely clear, or maybe even just after long days, I can see it lasting a very reasonable time. I went through a bottle in around 2-3 weeks, but that’s simply because I wanted to try out lots of different known to be stubborn products with it, and it passed all my tests with flying colours!


Premae Skincare is also 100% natural, cruelty free and part of the Vegan Society. As if that wasn’t good enough they actually reward people for recycling, if you send our old aluminium jars and bottles they’ll issue you with a £3 voucher as a reward for recycling. Also, they have refills, which come in recyclable plastic and are cheaper! I do love an ethical company.