AYur-vana Natural Skincare – A Must Try For 2015!

Ayur-vana is a French brand that I haven’t heard of before but I already love everything about them. They create products with ‘bio and nature at heart’, which basically means that the products are made naturally, are organic and do not contain chemical products at all. You’ve probably guessed it, but that also means they’re not tested on animals either.
Ayurvedic medicine was originated in India over 3000 years ago and is one of the oldest medical systems, therefore AYur-vana has used them in cosmetology to allow everyone to receive products that have been made from Tulsi, Boswellia, Shatavari and Triphala as they are known to help to regenerate, nourish, firm, detoxify and cleanse.
AYur-vana, Natural Skincare - A Must Try For 2015!
This is a quite zesty day cream that is incredibly thick, which is why it works so well on any skin type. I have oily skin and normally I can’t use thick moisturisers, but this sinks in beautifully and leaves my skin feeling so soft. Triphala regenerates and tones to create that perfect complexion, it even contains some anti-ageing ingredients. It’s probably the most complex product I reviewed from this brand in terms of ingredients as it contains quite a concoction, including aloe vera, primrose oil, beeswax and shea butter to name a very few.
Night Cream – Tulsi, £18
Tulsi is meant to detoxify the skin throughout the night, it also nourishes and encourages regeneration in cells. It’s probably my favourite product of the entire range as I feel amazing as soon as I apply it. It also contains aloe vera to soothe, Safflower oil to moisturise and has calendula floral water which can help improve the skin’s elasticity. Again this is suitable for all skin types.
AYur-vana Natural Skincare - A Must Try For 2015!
Face Scrub – Triphala, £11
An extremely gentle exfoliator that uses Triphala to tone, regenerate cells and deeply cleanse your skin. It is also presented in form of small grains to exfoliate away dead skin cells away and clear impurities. I found it extremely gentle, but then my face felt incredibly soft afterwards. I do usually prefer a harsher exfoliator, but with this properties such as hydrating, plumping and purifying, it’s definitely an amazing product.
Body Gel – Shatavari, £10
Now this is a little beauty! After a long and uneventful New Year’s Eve, I returned home in need of something to smooth my skin and calm down redness. By morning, I was a new woman. Shatavari is naturally nourishing whilst helping to make the body firmer. It has tonnes of purifying, soothing and softening ingredients that are perfect for all types of skin. I’m definitely saving this for special and achy occasions.
Joint Soothing Gel – Boswellia, £12
If you accidentally mistake this product for the body gel, you end up in a very spicy situation. I thought I was applying some cooling and soothing gel, whereas instead, I got a spicy and invigorating gel. You can smell that it is incredibly highly concentrated but it is meant to boost circulation is order to regain mobility.
Overall, I don’t have a bad thing to say about the products. The have an awful lot of thought behind them, with literally thousands of years of knowledge that these ingredients work. I’m incredibly impressed and there’s no doubt that they’ll continue to be used in my day to day life!