Autumn Trends

I know it’s a little late but as you have all seen, I went a little Halloween crazy. Now we’re back to the real world, I thought I’d share with you all the trends I’m absolutely loving this fall. As well as some ways to wear them if you’re plus size.
First up, Tartan. I’m not even going to lie, I pretty much don’t like anything I’ve seen that’s tartan. I find that patterns do not suit me and nothing has caught my eye. That’s until I was browsing through Yours Clothing and saw an absolute gorgeous dress. Yours clothing are fantastic for keeping up with trends which I feel that other plus size clothing ranges have fallen behind with. This dress would look fantastic teams with a cardigan, leather jacket, but personally I’d stick on my favourite item at Yours, the lace cardigan.
Leopard print makes a huge return every year and this year is no exception. It’s everywhere lately and it’s making me want to update my collection. Yours Clothing again have brought out a fantastic leopard print jacket that would look gorgeous with jeans and a top, or just a plain black dress! I really love this one, but I love my cut in, waterfall cardigans as they slim me down. I’m on the lookout though! It’s important with leopard print not to over do it. Especially when you’re bigger as there’s definitely more flattering leopard prints that you want to look for. Speaking of looking for flattering prints I am absolutely jealous of anyone who owns a Scarlett and Jo dress, the leopard print ones are unbelievably gorgeous. They are fantastic for a fuller figure because they have the panels down the sides that create a slimmer, yet very curvy illusion!
autumn trends

Fur coats are something I’ve looked at for years, I’ve always wanted a leopard print fur coat but I’ve not wanted to look 3 stone heavier at the same time. This year Yours Clothing have brought out a shorter, black fur coat. I love the idea of this as it stops just below the waist meaning if you have a good set of pins, it’ll really enhance them. If the idea of fur still scares you, try their coat with a fur collar. I had one last year from Newlook’s inspire range and absolutely loved it.

winter coats
In beauty red nails seem to be really big, which is fantastic as it’s my favourite nail colour. Currently I’m wearing Rimmel’s Salon Pro red nail varnish called ‘rock’n’roll with Barry M’s red glitter on top. It looks fantastic and is very festive!
Dark vampish lips are always a good call for an autumnal look. Since my Fall look I’ve worn dark lips practically every day, just a different mix. My top products for creating an autumnal lip are Lush’s lip colour Confident. It’s the perfect dark purple alone, but if you add it to Lush’s Decisive you can really get that dark cherry lip everyone loves. Illamasqua’s pencil in Honour is fantastic at darkening a lip, even creating an ombré effect. Finally a new favourite, MAC Diva. On its own or added with anything listed above, Diva is the perfect autumnal Colour.
fall lip shades
Swatches: Decisive, Diva, Honour, and Confident.