August Advertisers!

Are you looking for some new blogs to read? Then carry on reading to find out a little more about my August Advertisers written by the lovely ladies themselves!

The Kats Paws was started by Kathryn Watson and Emily Pawson in September 2013. We loved trying out new products and spreading the word about them and therefore decided to take up blogging. We have been so pleased with how far we have come in such a short space of time and love blogging more than ever. We would love it if you could stop by and leave us a comment. Love Kathryn & Emily xxx

Psychotherapist with a love for all things fashion, food & photography.


Michelle is sadly having a bad month due to health problems, so I didn’t want to bother her, therefore I shall be writing about Michelle on her behalf…


Michelle is a beautiful young woman, with a  beautiful child and an absolutely amazing blog that has recently had a makeover! Michelle writes about everything from beauty, fashion to being a mother and all her adventures. She even runs a Etsy shop! Michelle is definitely one of my favourite bloggers and without a doubt, a blog that you should be following!

Get well soon, Michelle!

I’m Gail. I’m a 30 year old Yorkshire lass living (WITHOUT a whippet or flat cap, but WITH lots of tea) in rural Ireland with a passion for plus size fashion, a crush on cosmetics and something to say about most things.
I love to write and try to update my blog every couple of days with outfit posts (mega fan of Asos right here), reviews of new beauty products which may have magically appeared in my hands (THEY WERE ON OFFER OK?!) and posts about my life, and life in general; anything from why Veggies (the people, not the food group) are penalised in Subway to why Queen Bey’s shoes are like an Aldi 4 bird roast.
I’m a baker, a giggler and a HUGE Morrissey fan, and if that doesn’t put you off then I would love to meet you over at GAILYGUMDROPS.COM sometime. Have a browse through the pages, search the archive and go nuts with the FOLLOW buttons. I’m also on Twitter @GailyGumdrops, I look forward to seeing you.
My names Karishma and I am a 21 year old beauty blogger, who you could describe as beauty obsessed. Beauty is my passion and hobby, and this is the main reason why I started Beneath the Brush. I wanted to share with others my favourite products and make up looks, and my blog was the perfect way to do so. If you love make up, want recommendations and to see different looks. Check out my blog or follow me on twitter @beneaththebrush. I also like to throw and little bit of lifestyle in their occasionally to let you know what I’ve been up to.