April Favourites – Blogs!

Instead of my favourite products this month, I wanted to do something a little different and share my favourite people/blogs/tips. This month I have found myself reading some wonderful posts, admiring people for their words of wisdom or blog changing tips and I thought what better way to show my appreciation than to write about them.

First up is Amy from Von Dork. After discovering that we are working a couple doors down from each other and living literally 5 minutes away, it seemed only right that we would have a shopping trip and get to know each other. Not only did I have a lovely time (shopping with bloggers is the best), I also learnt some pretty interesting tips. One which I couldn’t stop showing my pure fascination with is that Amy takes her pictures in the bath. At first I thought, well we’ve all done that with a product whilst we’re bathing away. But no, Amy uses the plain white, seamless background with fantastic availability of daylight to her blogging advantage and I absolutely love the idea! I later found out that Amy had wrote an entire post on her fantastic photography tips which have since helped me monumentally.

Von Dork

Continuing with the same theme of photographs is the beautiful Gemma from Miss Makeup Magpie, I have been a fan of her blog for as long as I can remember and I really inspire to get my blog to the same unbelieveable standard of blogging perfection. Not only is her writing thorough, consistent and interesting, her pictures are incredible and draw you in immediately. Gemma could photograph a banana and I would still click on it. Gemma gave me the tip of using white plastic sheets to take photos on and has since made my life so much easier. I took a screenshot from her Instagram page to show you all what I mean by these transcending pictures!

Miss Makeup Magpie

A fellow Lushie and I found each other not long ago via Twitter, Poppy from Poppy Bird is an Angel at Liverpools amazing Spa store and since finding her, I can’t stop reading her blog. I must admit, I am the reason most people are annoyed at less comments, as I’m lazy and just comment in my head. But Poppy’s latest series cannot go on without me raving about it. Working at Lush means we both have extensive knowledge about different ingredients and what they do. Poppy has decided to start a series where she’ll talk about one product in particular and tell you about what’s in it, and what the benefits are for your skin and for your hair. Such a brilliant idea, yet Poppy keeps everything nice and simple, there’s nothing worse than over complicating something. I just love it, and found it incredibly useful (even though it’s already drilled into my head). Definitely a blog to check out!

Poppy Bird

Another blog I’ve been loving this month is Andrew from Beauty and The Boy, he recently re-branded himself and ever since starting blogging I have always kept up to date with his blog, but lately I can’t get off it! He always seems to have the latest releases, with pictures and a full review. Nothing is half done! As well as that his twitter is a gold mine to read, I can’t get enough of it and the majority of times I agree with everything he says about the beauty world. I definitely go to his blog for the latest on beauty.
Beauty and The BoyI wouldn’t buy any new skincare without consulting John’s from Mr Wharf, his blog is unbelievably helpful for everything to do with the skin, for men and women! From first looking on his blog I immediately fell in love with how he dissects the products he’s reviewing and really looks at what’s IN it. Something I don’t often see with reviews. I love his extensive knowledge and passion for skincare, and for that reason, we’re actually planning a collaboration. I won’t give too much away, but it’s going to be pretty fantastic.

Mr Wharf

Finally, what started off as just a random act of kindness and a beautiful gesture, is turning into a another collaboration that I am incredibly excited for! Atonia from Nails and Polka Dots kindly offered to design me a set of nails. However, after obsessing over all her nails and Atonia offering to make my mum a pair as well, I’m pleased to announce that this is going to turn into a makeup look too! I have pretty much already planned how it’s going to look as I’m ecstatic that it’s happening, but I can reveal that I will be doing a toned down day look, as well as an over the top and incredibly dramatic look. If you’re into nails, or want to be, check out her blog, and her incredible Instagram! Those purple nails right in the middle might be mine!

Nails and Polka Dots

So, a lazy Sunday night has turned into me not being able to shut up about my favourite blogs this month, but I do hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know who your favourite blogs are down in the comments!