Solve All The Annoying Problems of Tights with Chaffree – AD

For years I’ve avoided tights and even more so now that I have chronic pain. I can’t even begin to get them on myself, and from what I had remembered they roll down, they need pulling up a lost, it’s hard work to keep them in place all day and it’s not ideal. That means that I’ve actually been going bare-legged in the Winter for many years now. Not ideal but I can only stay out a few hours and I don’t go out often, so I don’t freeze thankfully! Obviously there are many reasons why being bare-legged in freezing cold weather is bad for your health, so today I am going to help you solve the annoying problems of tights with Chaffree! By wearing Chaffree underneath any kind of tights, they help stop a lot of annoying problems.

Annoying Problems of Tights, chaffree, georgina grogan, shemightbelovedAnnoying Problems of Tights, chaffree, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved
No rolling down

That’s right! The tights sit so perfectly on top of Chaffree underwear that they don’t actually roll down anymore. They stay in place right up to my waist and hold onto the material of Chaffree.

No Chafing

Because they don’t roll down, you don’t have to worry about the top of your thighs chafing, Chaffree stops that in two ways, obviously one being on their own.

Tight Ladders

When I put these new tights on, they immediately ripped on both sides of the waist which could have been super uncomfortable and annoying during my outing, but because of Chaffree, it didn’t bother me at all and it took me hours to notice that the other side had even ripped as well! I felt so in place to say they were falling apart.

Annoying Problems of Tights, chaffree, georgina grogan, shemightbelovedAnnoying Problems of Tights, chaffree, georgina grogan, shemightbeloved

Windy Day? No problem!

Depending on your thickness of tights, a windy day can lead to a little flashing but when you’re wearing Chaffree, you’re fully covered up. The Knickerboxers look like shorts and so you never have to worry.


I wore these for a few hours during a family outing and I wasn’t desperate to take them off when I go it like I normally am with anything restrictive on me. I couldn’t feel that I had 3 layers around my middle part at all. I wasn’t irritated, the coolmax material of the Chaffree Knickerboxers kept me cool, and I was actually SO comfortable.

Wearing Chaffree under tights has definitely made me like tights again, and my love for Chaffree continues! Now if only Chaffree would make tights…

I wear an XL in the long legged, full waist versions. I have super thick thighs which means they come up higher on me than they would on someone with smaller thighs. I have bought around 6 pairs of Chaffree now and my longest pairs have been going for over two years and they’re still perfect. I’ve never had to throw any out, I simply just buy more as I wear them every single time I go out! I’ve tried other brands, but nothing comes close to the quality and comfort of Chaffree. Head over to their website by clicking here.

This post is in collaboration with Chaffree.