Annabelle’s Wigs

After my previous post about my hair transformation (Paul’s Hair and Beauty World) and how much I miss extensions, I’ve been desperately wanting my hair to grow quicker. I would now class myself as having long hair, but a couple more inches wouldn’t hurt. Thanks to Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Colour Mate and Lush’s H’sua Wen Hua, I have got my hair in a much better condition which means it isn’t breaking half as much. Unfortunately though, not always can our hair fulfil our unrealistic exceptions, so we do need a little extra help. Lucky wigs and extensions are not that hard to come by now, but the main problem is getting a good quality one that looks and feels real.

Annabelle's Wigs

Recently I was contacted by Annabelle’s Wigs and asked if I wanted to review a 3/4 wig, I jumped at the chance to finally get longer hair and I have become completely obsessed. I was able to use my own fringe, which I adore, and side of my hair which almost perfectly blended in with the colour match and looked just like real hair. Glossy, long, curly, voluminous locks! I got the Red 3/4 Wig Hairpiece, Big Loose Curls: Marie, £31.99. It was easy enough to get on, I just pinned all my hair up flat to my head and popped the wig over the top. You can’t curl or straighten the wig, but if you wet it and leave it to dry it’ll soon regain shape which is so convenient!

The Wig arrived in no time at all, and I’ve had it on for hours at a time. It’s really comfortable and it doesn’t feel like it’s weighing my head down, or making it feel heavy. I’d love to get my hands on more of Annabelle’s Wigs for my continuing Disney series, they’d make it so amazing!