Ann Summers Parties

After years of wanting to have an Ann Summers party, the girls from work and I finally did it! I hosted as my Mum also wanted to join in so it was a perfect opportunity. We had a very dramatic and funny Irish lady, with her new, very quiet and nervous trainee. I guess that’s expected with your second party though.

Ann Summers Parties

The first half an hour, maybe longer was spent with what felt like a recruitment speech, we were talked through the ‘boring’ bit, about the company and how much we could earn from doing parties ourselves, as interesting and as tempting as it sounded I was more bothered over the games and prizes.

Eventually the fun began with a sucking jelly through a straw competition. Followed by trying on lingerie and fancy dress. I’m the policewoman on the left. I hate playsuits, but after already asking to swap with a friend, I was stuck in it and I actually ended up liking it.
Then the toys came out, in the Ann Summers store it’s always difficult to know how to turn them on and what the settings are so it was really helpful and a good giggle to actually see what the toys could do. I was especially intrigued by the quiet one that has a light on it for in the dark. It looked like a lightsaber!
Ann Summers Parties
Ann Summers Parties
Ruby is far too cute for things like this, which made her facial expressions even funnier.
We decided to do it on a Sunday night as it’s the only early finish we get, but that also meant that some people had college or work the next day, meaning we didn’t actually get to play any games. That was really disappointing but I guess just being around everyone made it worth it. We put on lots of food and I drank my favourite cocktail, woowoo. We’re having another one soon, and several more coming up so hopefully we’ll play more games at them!

Ann Summers Parties

I ended up ordering a turquoise corset which I plan on teaming with a high waisted skirt, lace cardigan, leggings and heels for town. Single life means it would be wasted otherwise.

Overall it was a great night, I only wish it could have involved more drink but of course people have to drive and work, life gets in the way a lot.
Have you ever been to an Ann Summers party?
  • I've been to a couple of ann summers parties they are always such a good giggle its a shame you didn't get to play any games they are the best bit! xx

    An Uninventive Name

  • Oh i love the games they put on!

  • I've always wondered what actually happens at an Ann Summers party, looks like you had fun, you all look lovely in the costumes

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  • I haven't been to an Anne Summers party in years! haha its always a good laugh, its a good idea to have them before a night out as it gets everyone going! x

  • Sounds like a really good laugh 🙂 Raspberrykiss xo