Ann Harvey Lace Shift Dress

Blue Lace definitely seems to be my calling lately, I’m completely drawn to it. It is also why I thought this Ann Harvey Lace Shift Dress in Midnight blue would look amazing on me. You can imagine how disappointed I was when realising that’s not the case at all. Bonmarche is somewhere that my Nan would shop, and I’ve always associated it as a shop for old women. However, through blogging I have seen bits and pieces on fellow plus size bloggers which have all looked amazing, but it appears I have drawn the short straw on this one. The Ann Harvey collection is indeed sophisticated and it has a price tag to match, however, in my opinion, it lacks thought in the designs for Plus Size Women.

Ann Harvey Lace Shift Dress
I was shocked by how this Lace Shift Dress is incredibly unshapely for a plus size range. I’m a large hourglass, my Mum’s an apple and the dress looks horrendous on both of us (don’t worry, her words not mine). I could only imagine it suiting someone who is tall with minimal curves, and then I’m still doubtful. On both photos I am wearing incredible shapewear from Debenhams, however, in the shift dress my stomach appears so much larger and the high neckline also makes my bust appear rather frumpy. At the time of picking this dress to review, I did struggle as the designs all seem to be made of patterns or fabric that I knew wouldn’t suit my curvy body, so I really thought I was playing it safe with this one.


Ann Harvey Lace Shift Dress
I thought adding a belt might show off my hourglass curves a little more, and it did indeed make the dress look a tiny bit better, but nowhere near to what I would want to look like. The material was quite a good quality and for the now price of £35 (and of course, if the dress suits your shape) I’d say go for it, but the original price of £70 is a tad too much for the design cut, and quality.
The Ann Harvey range to me definitely has an older feel to it, being 20, I can’t see myself reaching for another one of their dresses any time soon. Since picking this dress, there have been a couple more things added to the site, including a beautiful red coat, and a gorgeous fur coat that I got to see in person on Faith. However, those two coats. a sparkly jacket and plain black dress are about the only things I could see myself in. At first I thought it was because I’m just not used to a shift dress, but a review on the website confirmed everything I had thought, including the ‘unflattering neck line’.


Have you tried Ann Harvey before? I’d love to know what you think!


*As stated this is a PR sample, and as always, I am completely honest.

  • I never heard of Ann Harvey before. The dress does look beautiful on you I think! I’m not too fond of dresses that kind of hug your body if you know what I mean? I’m more of a flowy dress kind of girl, ha!

    -Marie x

  • Juyey Bats

    That is very disappointing, definitely sounds like they need to go back to the drawing board if their range for plus size doesn’t flatter those who are plus size.
    Nobody wants to feel frumpy, especially when the dress looks really pretty. It’s not a surprise you feel disappointed in it, you do look stunning as always, but if you’re not feeling it, that what counts. 🙁

    The price tag for it too. I can imagine a lot of people being all excited “ooh lovely dress, made for my body shape,” fork out the money on it, just to find it doesn’t fit them too well. I know when I’ve bought something and then tried it on and it just didn’t work, I’ve felt completely rubbish, so spending £££ and have that feeling, that is not good at all 🙁

    Juyey xx

  • I love a figure hugging dress but I’m afraid this one just doesn’t do it for me. Body hugging styles should enhance your figure … not reveal those bits we’re just not comfortable with!

    If you like the style then check out Monsoon’s Lexi Lace Dress (seen on my here: Its very similar but actually pulls you in in the right places and skims those other places.

    C x

  • Very chic lace dress!
    Merry Holidays!



  • With the belt on, it really does look lovely on you but I can understand where you are coming from. Bon Marche does make me think of somewhere my mother would shop so it’s interesting to see they are expanding their range. I hope they continue to work on it more for us larger ladies.

  • I saw that dress online and thought it would be lovely – so gutted it’s no good! I think £70 is way overpriced for it too – their few good pieces (the coat – ah the coat!) are so fantastic, it’s hard to understand why they’re keeping with the frumpy stuff too. I thought shapeless fat-bags were a thing of the past! 😉

    Bob your Scarlett & Jo on instead and revel in fabulousness.

    Faith xx

  • Ash

    It’s a shame you’re not a fan of the dress, I personally think you look lovely (: xx